An Old Dwarfs New Heart and Soul

  • An old dwarf double checks the tightness of the pink laces running from his slippers up his old but muscular legs. With a last nod of confidence he strides up to the entrance of Fish Fort and strikes a pose on his tip toes with his old burly arms out wide.

    "Greetin's greenskin friends!

    Ah'm Beorn Battlemail, and me name once struck fear in yer kind but ah'm nay longer the villian ah was. Decades in the fugue gave me time teh think. And ah think it's time ah give ye the greatest gift of all.. "

    Beorn bellows as he consistently bends his knees to bring his pose up and down

    "Heart an soul
    I went teh war wit ye steel and stone
    many died teh me sadly
    because ye pushed me might
    but we were fools teh go fight

    Heart and soul
    I fought teh be honoured
    I'd lose control
    and swing me sword around madly
    ye fought me tooth an fist
    me blade rarely missed

    Both of our sides are killin', too much killin'
    Now is the time we spoke of, no blood spillin'
    Cause now ah see,
    yer o' goodly folk, look at ye!
    Ah call ye all neighbors gladly!
    Yer little greenskin hold
    now keeps me heart and soul."

    Beorn huffs and puffs but does a spin and proudly curtsies toward any who may have witnessed his gift to the residents of Fish Fort, then wipes a tear from his eye.

    Ah just wish Grobble could o’ been here teh see this..

    //melody of Heart and Soul - Dean Martin

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    Beorn Battlemail has made himself at home around Fish Fort as he finds out of the way places to eat and sleep between doing chores for the residents, rehearsing his next big song & dance, and bringing bags of gold and the highest quality master worked armor and shields of silver for the gift table within. He is often seen asking nearby dwarven guards and passerby's to stop by and share a tea.

  • Legion

    [[Grobble hears of the performance the next time he is passing by the Fish Fort.]]

    Gosh ... I wish I could have been there to see that!

    [[ponders, creating a mental image]]

    ... or do I?