Bad character.

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    I made a character on the vault and came up with the wrong domains. I went out of the game and remade the character but thats when it really got fucked up with missing tools and other things. The character name is Cyr Stafford. Now when I try to log on the screwed up character is the only choice I have with a constant level up and level down to 1rst level. I would like to have him deleted off the server logs so I may remake him.

    Thank you.

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    yea I figured it was me that screwed up. I'll try Robyn's suggestion and am glad there is a player way to fix the problem. kudos to you Robyn

  • Also please note that creating a new character with the EXACT SAME NAME definitely messes with the game's tracking of your character. This is why you had only a 1st level PC and no tools (as the server assumes you already were given them).

  • You can delete your own character. Login as the character and use the !deletecharacter command