• Not everyone is a private investigator bard, a mind reading catfish, or divine judge. But information sometimes does find its way into the hands that seek it one way or another. A friend's intuition or hunch from an enemy may prove right. Even when no one is there to hold someone accountable, often the soul itself is burdened the most.


    • Age 0 ~ Raazi wasn't born fully clothed, wet, in her 30's, and able to speak....Raazi was born a sweet babe like any other in the Tashalar basin and was named Rosie. Shortly after, her family moves to the poorest district in Tashluta seeking to improve their fortunes.
    • Age 10 ~ Rosie was lazy and didn't fit in with the family businesses: fishing, mongering, and general work at the docks. Preferring to spend time collecting objects on the beach, talking to her grandparents and playing with hand me down clothes.
    • Age 15 ~ Rosie is far past the age that children in poor households start working by her family's love and is given a chance to make her own gold for the family. Failing when family dog is bitten by poisonous snake and dies, causing her family to now resent her and a sorrow to plant in her heart.
    • Age 18 ~ Rosie's family becomes desperate and disappointed with their living situation and Rosie's behavior. So she is sent to servant school and spends time within noble households during her young adult hood- her paychecks being sent home instead of going to her.
    • Age 21 ~ Rosie lives with friends and starts experimenting with the occult and snakes (a local taboo) out of curiosity and angst. She becomes hopeless and distraught as her family separates and leaves her behind.
    • Age 22 ~ Rosie is sent to dungeon in Stormwall for various crimes and accusations. Her punishment is sterilization and a geas [which slowly dulled her mind if she had any evil impulses or aspirations in the form of brain damage.]. She prays for the demise of others and goes manic from the lack of hope. Her power awakens within her and she uses feather fall to dive into a deep black pit that had access to the sea.
    • Age 24 ~ Raazi slowly ushered herself far away from home by caravan and foot. She tricks people for gold, sells herself when she needs to, and regularly makes blood sacrifices. A small amount of pride grows from her self sufficiency and resilience despite her worsening condition. Experiencing the world in mental anguish then intensified and gifted her devotion to the dark deity of unluck as her journey is fed by the misfortunes of others no matter how immoral, grand or petty. She eventually becomes quite ill as the geas is also fed and has to rely on others for charity in her travels.
    • 30's ~ Raazi's psyche by the time she reaches Narfell is a shattered remnant of what it once was- haunted by memories a lifetime that she cant discern from reality. Illusions creating traumas that became so real she could barely speak at times. She stands in the ruins of the Old Romani camp at a loss and completely confused how she even got there or maybe even more importantly why. Drugs, mischief and doubling down on her memories were her only solace. A great mage by the name of Salin eventually gets through to Raazi after others had failed and she allows him to lift her geas- a thing she held as a precious gift from Beshaba for so long.