Co-Owned Outpost Discussion

  • Peltarch Employee

    Mako would address any of the other members who want to listen and would bring up some discussion points. For now she'd keep it private without getting Eric directly involved at the moment. Pacing about, there seems to be much going on her head, the armored-clanks in her step as she wears her blue and tan mercenary armor, wanting to keep things off the record while out of uniform could be heard with each step.

    "So. We going to get a keep and I pay for it. I said I'd pay for it and I'd pay for it. Then what? Our leader Eric say this place was meant to be created to protect the city. He didn't shut the door on me opening up commerce on it completely, but same time this is what he said in our meeting."

    She rubs her temples and sighs.

    "This place cost at least half a million. There will possibly be maintenance as well, and we must pay out of pocket for the honor to defend the city. -We- are given land, but we are limited to what we can do with it as Eric say. This is the shits."

    She'd exhale deeply.

    "I love this place. I do. But I'm a business person. I grew up, groomed and tailored to be such in conjunction with the martial training I received at the hands of former imperial guard to protect myself and my investments. I'm the banished daughter of a warlord. I want this place, but I do not just want a place that we only station when there is a threat. I want a home, and a base of operations where we can do things both for High Hold and Ourselves. Forgive me if it sounds selfish, but even if I don't make all the coin back, I want some sort of return on this investment."

    She clearly states her case, seemingly frustrated given the situation.

  • Fred speaks, his tone steady and neutral as always:

    • "You shouldered the responsibility of financing the bastion of your own accord, as you stated. But it was never meant to be a commercial outpost. I am not a merchant nor do I wish to concern myself with such things. We are to build and man a defensive position, not create security issues by having traders coming and going through what was always meant to be a military installation. That was the agreement made. And that is what I believe we should honor."

  • Peltarch Employee

    To JT I am unhappy, but I do not not go back on my word. That being said, as much as an honor it is, this honor costs an absurd amount of coin, and its a responsibility that only I at the moment am capable of handling for most of it unless they are willing to help pay.

    Then addressing everyone

    Perhaps we should search other options for raising funds then. Go on an adventure to find some exceptional treasures that could be sold to the Calesh trade guild. Fundraisers perhaps? I understand it is an honor, but its also a responsibility. What of maintenance in the future? What of repair costs if we're assaulted? These are all variables that making having such a place high cost. I hope and imagine high hold would help support such.

    Honor alone does not a keep make, just as achieving one's dreams cannot be done putting work to it.

    This is why I have this private meeting with all of you now. I imagine some people might dismiss this as 'the foreigner whining, if they don't like it, don't get it', but our home needs to be protected. So if any of you could help me, please, or offer me guidance to which my investment to the keep's safety won't cost me 90% of my life savings or could earn me clout for other things like opening up my own store within city walls, I appreciate it.

  • Rika responds –

    I took the land because it is a greater honor than an item of blessing. However, I had assumed we would just be running it, gathering men, and fortifying its wall. I did not pledge coin to build anything. I cannot pledge what I do not have.

    If he wants us to build it ourselves, then I will decline this honor. It’s something I cannot do, nor intend to. If that is what he expects of me, then he will be disappointed.

    Perhaps we should meet with Eric, and see what he expects.

  • J.T. shrugs, not really seeming to understand the source of Mako's frustration.

    "Lord Sent offered us the right to serve him by raising a holding in these lands, as an honour for defeating the Neogi. For those who didn't want to pledge service, he offered a pretty expensive magical dowhack instead, and some chose that.

    If you don't want to serve Lord Sent, or Lord Eric, or whoever is sitting on top of High Hold, I'm sure nobody would begrudge you changing your mind and asking for the monetary reward instead.

    My understanding is that we intend to build a modest fortification, which will move a large portion of defensive action from the walls of Blackbridge to our holding, which will be good for Blackbridge's people, and therefore good for High Hold. That's what I've signed on to help with, however I may."

  • Tory watches the workers head out to work as she listens
    History proves that unhappy outpost holders do no remain outposts.... gestures at High Hold behind them Giggles A heavy hand leaves bruised extremeties. giggles again Perhaps Eric needs to be reminded of this. We are people, not soldiers or gnomish contraptions to be wound up and pointed a direction. Have you ever seen a gnomish machine wound too tightly? It tends to explode in ones face. If he just wants slaves to hold it perhaps he can just pay for it himself. If he wants free minded people maybe he needs to pull that stick out of his sexy butt and have an open conversation.

    He seeks loyal nobles, in us, who are not nobles, and most likely been abused by nobles in the past. We will resent the control, you already do.

    looks to Freddy What do you have to say? Something must be rattling around in that tin can on your head.