Planar Binding/Planar ally - unbanned

  • So, as the title says, planar binding spells (including greater planar binding) and planar ally spell have been all unbanned. You do not need any special permision to cast these.

    However, there's still an RP factor to it, an important one, and we expect that such a thing is RP'd accordingly and continously as the spell gets used.
    If you're not familiar with the differences between summoning a creature and planar binding do inform yourself before using it willy nilly. But to make it short the difference is that with the planar binding summon you're making a pact with an outsider for they to work together with you. You can RP this is many different ways, but you must RP it nontheless.
    If people don't do it, it'll have IC consequences (Perhaps that succubus you've been summoning decide to stay home. Or they'll suddenly in the middle of a fight turn against you...who knows!)

    On another note. Please report any issues with the spell, and if you notice that the spell's creatures are overpowered in any way, or that they are being abused/can be abused to do anything specific... report it.