Build 907D

    • Too many map tweaks to list.

    • Fast Travel additions: Caravan masters across the land have expanded their operations. People can now travel from Damara to Kront.

    • Misty Caves update: Word spreads that smugglers and worse have taken up residence in the Misty Caves and underwater tunnels have been uncovered.

    • Corrections to random spawn encounters across multiple maps. You should no longer have maps with no monsters on them.

    • Crafting resource updates in various locations

    • More shop changes/updates

    • Greater planar binding update

    • Tileset updates to hak

    • Placeable adds to hak

    • Chat shout sweep fix.

    • Critter AI fixes/changes galore.

      • Creatures Hak updated with more appearances. Some are still in my list to do.
      • NO_LOCATION_FIX var added to spawn_inc_main so you can set encounters with that AI behavior.
      • New Dread Wraith appearance.
      • New burrowing behavior added to the general AI. For now, creatures that make use of it are: All worms, umber hulks, ankhegs, and ants. (This means some ai have changed. Notify any bugs you find out.)
      • New critters:
      • 4 different nightshades (nightwalker, nightcrawler, nightwing, and nighthaunt), some have different HD variants, and they have desecrating aura as per PnP.
      • Voidwraiths added with Airless Aura (with suffocation effects as explained: PC has rounds equal to her CON/2 before starting to suffocate. There's a notorious preventive feedback message pointing out there's only one round left before you start rolling a Constitution save. If this is failed you get harsh penalties (AC, AB, Reflex Save and Speed decreased) then lose certain hp amount for the subsequent 4 rounds; after 4 rounds have passed and you fall unconcious [-1 hp]. If PC moves away from the Airless aura for 1 round, the counter and effect reset).
      • Since last patch, all creatures with Incorporeal flag now get a 50% concealment. In this build, most incorporeal skins were fixed to balance that out.
      • Plage Prush (plant type) added with custom ai (this ai may need a revision in the future), be careful.
      • DrD's giant crabs with models.
    • Shield bearer challenge fix

    • Missing quest items added

    • Discovery XP updates (not comprehensive to all reported issues)

    • Tenser's Transformation and Divine Power should no longer stack attack bonuses

    • Removed stackables from crystal relic eligibility

  • 907D1

    Peltarch's Vanity Plates has moved downstairs into Violetta's, and the entire tailoring process has been modified. Customers may use either a new conversation menu (thanks Seisan!) or a simplified series of chat commands much like the old VP.

    A tailoring assistant has also been added to the New Player Lobby at no cost.

    (There was a bug in 907D that charged people for modified helmets and cloaks but did not deliver them. Sorry to anyone who also lost gold over the last two days.)