Proclamations from the Herald

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    Herald Renouart stands upon the cliff near the construction site of Temple of Siamorphe. A bell is rung loudly to announce the Herald, it echoing throughout town. As people begin to gather, Renouart lifts a parchment - holding it up to read, he begins to speak in a clear voice.

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Good people of Blackbridge!

    The first council meeting of Lord Eric Destal has concluded! On this day, the 13th day of Elient! With the aid of helpful advice from trusted councillors and allies, the Lord has decided upon, and proclaims the following!

    First! The new construction of the fortifications to the west shall commence immediately! The following have been appointed protectors of the western lands. Lieutenant Frederick Silver, Raid Leader Rika, Private Yamamoto Makoto, Tory and JT Firefly! Tasked with defence of the western realms by Lord Eric Destal, and Lord Ewan Sent before him.

    Second! The Herald Fintran Janger of Hinhold has approached our Lord and requested a non-aggression pact, terms of friendship, and requested a dialogue begin for the opening of trade routes. Our good Lord has agreed, and shall send an emissary to begin diplomatic negotiations immediately.

    Third! Any interested party looking to put their names forth for the position of Herald, may do so within the next two ten days. My name is put forward to continue to serve as Herald, in The Divine Right's name, and with the blessing of our Lord, should he so wish it. Any other interested applicants can submit their names directly to High Hold!

    Fourth! As of this time, no decision has been made on the request by the Thayans for their land grant and Enclave. The Lord shall continue to deliberate on this matter!

    Fifth! The red dragon known as Kauleth and the half-dragon known as Hed'ral shall continue to enjoy the hospitality of High Hold. So our Lord has spoken, so shall we make our guests be welcomed! Any loss of livestock are to be reported to High Hold's Quartermaster for immediate refund!

    Sixth! The most important of all the announcements today! Our Lord Eric has pledged to NOT pay tribute to the fire giants! High Hold is to prepare for the inevitable time of tribute!

    Long live High Hold!