Announcements of Blackbridge

  • Lieutenant Eric calls for the citizens of Blackbridge to assemble at the common grounds. Standing on the cliff overlooking the gathered people, he begins to address them. His voice loud and clear, it carrying far under the use of magics.

    Citizens of Blackbridge! As many have heard, the rumours of a declaration coming from Peltarch are true. This declaration, made by Reyhenna Jorino states that the lands of High Hold are to fall under the ruler ship of Peltarch - ruled by General Gom of the Peltarch Defenders!

    I am here to assure you all that this declaration is not done with the consent of the Lord of High Hold - that Lord being me. That the lands of High Hold remain and shall always remain independent of Peltarch. I was appointed by General Brogan Thane, High Priestess Arahar Akia Seagha, and with the support of the merchants and noble families of Blackbridge. I accepted this duty and shall serve you, the people, until Lord Ewan has returned.

    I ask that you all remain calm and that none of us strike against the Peltarchians. We call many of these people friends. Many of them have helped us in our time of need, and I ask that we continue to respect their efforts. Though remain diligent and be wary of those who would betray us. We head into tough times. We have faced down threats before, and we have many we still face now. We have always remained strong. We are people of the Giantspires! We are no stranger to hardship.

    As Lord of High Hold, I shall continue to push for strong trade and good relations with our neighbouring communities if they are willing. I will see the expansion along the road that Lord Sent began, brought to completion. We will strengthen our defences and prepare for the time of tribute. We will stay strong and we will survive as we always have.

  • Peltarch Employee

    Having lived in High Hold for awhile now, and not having gone anywhere, Mako seems to be dressed in official high hold guard colors now, answering to her superior office Frederick. Though no grandiose speech this time, she lets those looking nervous about the situation know that everything is being done to make sure conflict is avoided.

    As for the soldiers and raiders, she would take an unusually humble approach, offering to teach her techniques to anyone interested in defensive and offensive two handed combat, as well as take time herself to learn from others to improve her riding technique as well as group tactics, doing her best to become as reliable and indispensable as possible.

    Lastly, having a plethora of weapons and trinkets, she offers a 33% discount on whatever she sells to those that can prove themselves as citizens of High Hold and Blackbridge. Rumor has it that she ran a shop in Peltarch, to which she closed in response to what had transpired.