Autumn's Departure

  • The former captain of Peltarch's First Archers is seen about the commons. She talks briefly to the Regent and Isolde, then heads into City Hall. After that, she's seen going to the bag of holding, where she brings out a parcel, likely a bow. Then to the bank.

    After looking around for a bit, she takes the caravan west.

  • Ravos, being preoccupied with work both inside and outside the city walls only hears of Autumn's departure an hour or so after the caravan leaves. Recalling his own trip from the west to this place, he raises his drink with a few Peltarch marines later that evening offering his wishes for safe travels wondering if she will get as far as the Sword Coast. After leaving, reflecting on it; he's perhaps saddened by her departure and always recalls with a smile referring to her as captain even when she was no longer...

  • Peltarch Employee

    Varya doing some administration work herself at the time seems sad to see her go. She approaches her and offers her one last salute before Autumn makes her way off.