DM Bastage's Halloween Spooktacular

  • DM

    Hey all, this is just a general notice that my Halloween event will be happening at 8pm Eastern US time on Sunday, October 31. You don't need to respond to this post to join, just show up and be ready to get really gross and zombified.

    Also if any DM is willing to assist, I could (as usual for my halloween event) use a wingman on this one.

  • Sounds good!

    Works out better for those on the west coast. That was prime trick-or-treating time, and I would have had to go AFK multiple times and/or log out (depending on the circumstances).

    Rest well!

  • DM

    Hey y'all, sorry for the short notice but work today really messed me up bad. Anybody have any issue if we postpone this to Saturday at about 3-4pm eastern US time? I just do not think I'll be able to be awake enough to run this thing tonight.

  • DM

    The night grows dark. The blood moon rises. The dead walk the land, feasting upon the living. The horde descends on Unattached - Small Town this Monday at 10pm eastern US time.

    ((OOC: This is my annual halloween event. It's an OOC zombie apocalypse with prizes, tricks, treats, and more PVP than the server typically sees in a month. There are no limits to how many players are invited, no level ranges, and no shortage of brains for all of you to feast on as you succumb to the undead horde one by one! You don't need to reply to this post to join, just be in the server at the appointed time and poke me when I do the shout to announce the event!))

    ((Also if any DM's are willing, I could very much use a second pair of hands in the DM client to assist with running things. Will express thanks with XP/halloween goodie bag on your PC of choice))

  • Sweet! I always look forward to this event!
    Good times!