Build 907C4

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    Shield Bearer Prestige Class

    Build 907C4 brings the Weapon Master of the defensive world. Grab your towershields and get ready to be the best wave of defense NWN has ever seen.

    The Shield Bearer is a fighter that has dedicated all their training to become one with the tower shield. They've focused on how to be defensive and avoid harm in dire situations to be able to take the frontline against the mightiest of foes and survive.

    New Maps: Flooded Barrows

    With all the turmoil happening in Peltarch, new barrows have been uncovered west of the city. The city has advised any and all citizens to venture into them at their own peril!

    Other Maps Redone

    As the effects of the war begin to lessen and the city slowly rebuilds, the changes to the landscape and the humanoid tribes are not noticeable to most of the common folks. After failed attacks on the weakened city of Peltarch, power shifts have happened in the kobold and orc tribes. Various factions are seen fighting each other as the power struggle continues. The inhuman magics they muster change the landscape of their homes in the swamps, and in the shadow of the Giantspires.

    In the North

    The orcs have sealed off the woods deeper into their territory, and have put forth their weakest warriors as fodder for the adventuring parties. Previously sealed off caverns have been turned into a fortress and secured by the horde. Orcish magics have sealed off the woods themselves and in order to enter, one must step forth and prove their strength. The greenskins await in the tunnels below for the foolhardy.

    In the swamps, it is whispered that dragons have taken hold of the kobold tribes. Though no sightings of dragons can be substantiated, people keep a wary eye to the sky and to the bogs east of the city. A darkness seems to have come over the swamps themselves, though the inhabitants have changed little. Something sinister is affecting the area, that much is certain. The biggest question people of Peltarch are asking is. What is responsible?

    Rumours spread through the Mermaid that a long lost menace of Narfell has returned. It is said, the Rat-King has taken up residence under the Dancing Mermaid Inn in a long abandoned area of the sewers and has begun to form his own army of rats. Katarina Du'pre has called upon any of the newer adventurers filtering into the north to combat the threat of the Rat-King.

    In the South

    To the south, things have been quiet of late and the recent war has drawn many of the adventuring types away from keeping the goblin menace in check. The Moldy-Rats, once thought to be an inconsequential tribe in the Rawlins has taken advantage of the lack of adventurers and fortified their cavern home in Old Norwick. As the reconstruction continues from the war and the chance at earning coin lessens to the north, adventurers begin to filter back to the south and prepare in the Grapevine Inn, ready to bring the fight back to the goblins.

    Across the Land

    Many minor changes to the landscape can be seen across Narfell. Even the other tribes seem to be getting riled up. The gnolls, the ogres and even the lizardfolk. What the future holds for Narfell with the tribes preparing for war, is anyone's guess. One thing is certain. The adventurers of Narfell will be kept busy for quite some time.
    Another piece of feedback we caught from the survey and are working hard on addressing is the lack of diversity in where to go and what to do in the early game experience. Maps have, for a long time, been rather vanilla at lower levels. Merely something to trudge through until you can group up with folks later on. @DrDreadLock has been reworking maps and spawns to offer more interesting environments and challenges. As of 907C4, the maps listed below have been updated:

    • Eastern Swamps and Kobold Warrens (East/Southeast of Peltarch)
    • Orclands (West of Peltarch)
    • Moldy Rat Tribe Caves (South of Norwick)
    • Sewers beneath the Dancing Mermaid

    Reworking Merchants

    A recurring piece of feedback from the feedback survey (yes we're still working on all the great info we got from that thing!) was many merchants don't provide much of any value. @Gonnar and @DrDreadLock have been hard at work tweaking many of them scattered across Narfell. If you're seeking something previously unavailable, give it another try!
    Edit by Gonnar: "Current shops that have been updated: Hemrod's Exotics, Renaldo's Shop of Music, Fenz, Commerce District Market Place Merchants, The Wilting Flower, Red Wizard in BlackBridge Inn, Ammunition and Silk merchants in BlackBridge, Quarter Master in Stonepeak interior, Fire Giant vendor in Town of Stonepeak, Spellweaver Keep, Adventurer's Markt."
    Soon to come more!

    Upgrading to NWN Build 31

    Many us dev-folk have been waiting a long time for and are very excited for is the release of custom UI in NWN 8193.31. We've bumped the server to .31 and are hoping to incorporate custom UIs in upcoming builds. Stay tuned!

    Other Fixes

    • Discovery XP exploit fix
    • No more RLG Rayman armor
    • Spider Leg Quest Fixes


    As with all build updates, there is the likelihood of bugs. Please report bugs to the bug reporting forum so that we can fix them.

  • Dev

    Updates have been pushed to fix the barb rage on kill issue and now small creatures can use the shield bearer prc with a large shield.

  • [I added a little IC write up for the map changes.]


    1. I am trying to make the areas more progressive for PC levels. Spawns have been changed as well as the maps. Be wary and bring friends for the first little while.
    2. You might notice new Quest Givers in Peltarch. They are not activated yet. We already know, so no reason to report those particular bugs.