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    The Dream

    As Makoto begins to dream, she finds herself back working for the mercenary company she travelled with after being exiled from the Wa region. Everyone in the group seems a bit rough around the edges but otherwise pretty nice. Makoto for a moment of brief lucidity wonders why she's here but seeing her old comrades in arms does give her a sense of relief. The leader lets the group know that they need to travel to the Narfell region in order to help turn the tides. There were some other guests as well, faces covered in helmets, eyes could not be seen, female or male. She wondered who they were but of now it was of no consequence.

    The leader had guided them through a bridge at night, one leading through an aurora, and the group was (somehow) flying through the lights in the sky, all of them making their way through the glorious blues and green lights. They began to transition to red though as they made it to the Narfell region. She began to hear screaming, as one by one, each person in her company snuffed out like a candle; their bodies spontaneously combusting into nothingness until she touched down only with the half dozen or so helmeted individuals.

    Landing not too far in the mountains of Blackbridge, she began marching with the soldiers, each one removing their helmets one by one, revealing them to be the four other individuals she had played the odd game with the other night, and two more whose heads were nothing but shadows. The mountainous area was a pale, sickening red, with searing hot red lines everywhere creating a chaotic pattern all around, melting the snow around them. Mako would ask the group "Why are you all here? Who are those two." The other two figures them began to pace around the five of them, faster and faster walking until they created a crimson blur, the group of them surrounded by a red tornado.

    Mako would draw her weapon and try to swing at the tornado first, but her weapon would hit nothing but air and blood, when drawing it back it was glowing red. The others seeming panicked, except Cormac who decided to charge in bravely out of the eye of the crimson cyclone had instantly disappeared, being snuffed out in flame. The two voices can be heard then, dark and malevolent. "You can't save them... you can only save yourself. With the blood that flows in your veins, you're better than them. Kill them now and we'll let you go free."

    With whatever the voices had said, the others looked to Mako desperately, Nathelin, Elodie at the very least. Raazi could be seen throwing random eggs into the cyclone, giggling as each one disappeared. Gritting her teeth, she'd impale the earth with her halberd, planting it down, and tell the two of them to hold onto her, leaving Raazi to her own devices as she danced into the cyclone, disappearing as well. The two of them began to hover into the air, clinging onto Mako's armor. The voice spoke again. "Sacrifice them or you all die." The ground where Mako had stabbed with her weapon began to outpour with hot laving escaping from the ground. Her feet burning as the other two were clinging for dear life. Looking to the two tormentedly, a soft sigh escaped her lips. "I am sorry." Easily, one after the other, she'd let the both of them go, each one of them snuffed into the vortex. In turn, the vortex would begin to slow and stop. The two figures standing side by side would appear in turn, this time their crimson and red eyes easily visible through their helmets. One of the malevolent voices can be heard, saying, "you chose wisely, dragon blood."

    Letting out a fierce roar, crackling lightning through the two of them, the figures laughed malevolently, one bursting into a flock of black birds with crimson eyes, the other just fading into nothingness, the pair of crimson eyes fading soon after. Mako looked upon the area, looking back and forth for signs of anyone. Gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, she trembled.

    Waking up in a cold sweat, she looked around for what the hell might have happened, wondering what's going on, only to have realized it was all a dream.

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    ![My Lucky Bunny] Written in common to the best of her ability

    So I come to shitty Peltarch because my shift was done in High Hold. Same boring things with the same smelly humans that sometimes I have to bribe with food and booze for them to go to the hot spring and wash. What was I speaking abou... oh, I was writing about going to Peltarch.

    Using the Gnome Scroll thing, I make my way to Regal Maid which I must admit can be somewhat entertaining at times to try and find Raazi. Slipping them some coin. There was a man there who offer 2000 coins per person to find this special white rabbit. Figuring it would be easy coins since it was just a rabbit, I said why not. My friends Raazi George and Meadow were all there, it would be fun. One thing though, this asshole rub me wrong way and ask me to take off my clothes too. To call his bluff and make him pay for it, I say 5000 coin to which he disagreed, and then offered the 2000 for the job which show my disappointment. He was on my List.

    It lead us to a crypt. We went go to the appropriate spot, we find a weird lady who was hiding from a centipede. She showed us the hidden passage down to the ruins. I think George left something on the stove or forgot something because he had to run back. Well, these ruins are kinda messed up. It seem there been some fey who was there already for quite awhile given that it was full of greenery. We kept getting attacked too, and even at one point I try to detect magic and this place was filled with illusion magic!

    We kept going through different holes and different tunnels, always returning to the same passage, and even one time gravity seem to reverse at one point and we got flipped upside down! Furthermore, this shitty fey-cursed place cost me over many times more coins than offered as a reward in potions when the hoof fey attacked.

    After going through the same tunnel the 4th time... I decide to say screw it. Rather than being lead down the same path, when we get to this one, I tell everyone to climb up the entrance of the flipped over place.

    We end up in a room with a magic treasure chest that was full of trees. One especially big tree on the side. Upon inspecting it further, the stupid chest was empty! No rabbit, no treasure, things looked disappointing. We then inspect the tree as we investigate the chest, and find out tall fey lady was inside, and SHE was looking for bunny as well. She wanted to eat it though. Not sure how many years she spend down there but she call the rabbit Lalupirine or something dumb like that, but couldn't figure it out or the chest.

    Anyway, Meadow had suggested maybe we should put the gold we were offered to find it in the chest to see if something happen like tribute to a shrine.... me being cheap, I threw in 1 coin just to test it. Then all of a sudden... BUNNY!

    A magic bunny came out! A beautiful white fluffy bunny that remind me of Ussi so much. The fey seemed to really want to eat this thing and while that thought not make me too happy, I figured the amounts of effort fey put into this, maybe we should offer it instead. I was apprehensive though.

    See, I like rabbits. My parents had me raise a pair named Ussi and Un, saying they were my pets. Perhaps other than my attendants who spent more time than I did in the palace than my parents did, these 2 I loved very much. To my pain, being only 6 at the time, they forced me to butcher them after a year, telling me that such things are meaningless and the only important thing in life is maintaining family honor. I was told if I would cry, I'd be beaten for it, and had to end their lives without tears.

    Anyway... since I felt 2000 coins was too paltry to return it to the man, I choose, though with difficulty to give it to the fey and maybe try the soup it make. As much as I love bunny one of the conditions I made was if we give it to the fey perhaps so we won't get lost forever in this place or die, showing concern for Raazi and Meadow.

    Then, that crazy lady that found the entrance, and offered 3 times what the man offered, saying this rabbit belonged to some white witch. At this point I was stressed out. Perhaps it may be an awful decision but I choose to 'owe the fey a favor', and while not a contract, they got magic that could maybe make it into a contract I found out later... we'll see. But she decided to let us free. Then I tell crazy lady I want to meet the white witch and she said she couldn't, and her reward pended on her bringing back the rabbit, offering us 6000 each.

    In my frustration, and because at this point I didn't want to deal with this shit anymore, I keep it. I just keep the rabbit, I will pay Meadow and Raazi 8000 each, and everyone else can screw themselves. This is my goddamn rabbit.

    So now, I will keep this rabbit until I meet this white witch, and if she's worthy and the rabbit responds to her favorably, I'll ask for whatever reward was promised. If not, then Lucky will be mine forever! And anyone who tries to take him from me will suffer horribly.

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    Random Brainstorming and Thoughts of a Blue Dragonblood

    (Written in mostly common, now and then with High Shou kanji in the mix with her grasp on written common not quite perfect yet, she scribbles some random thoughts in her journal.)

    -I need to start making connections with suppliers for goods and services that can help expand future operations should I make my own business.
    -Good to see more capable men adventuring and going about on adventures. When I first come here it feel like mostly women do the work, and the men I travelled with were all crazy when I first came here.
    -I need to work on my skills for small talk. While its almost legendary when it comes for blue dragons, growing up in a society where I only speak when spoken to until the shackles that kept me tied were finally shattered after exile. I've only really known business, exploration, and fighting most my life. Maybe I should conduct some tea ceremonies among other rituals to open up to people more...
    -Kill kill kill, all the time. I grow bored of the martial challenges I face. I have proved time and time again that I can conquer most of the foes in this region with enough preparation, as well as amazing allies I have made here. Greater Demons and Drow still pose a significant challenge though. Also travel to what they call here 'The Lost City' still eludes me. I have yet to find anyone wanting to go, or notifying me if they wish my help.
    -I like some of the new people I met. Sadi, George, and Bran are all very useful. I have taught the latter too quite a bit in regards of how to fight as well as having supplied them. Seeds I planted with my rental service and training have grown quite well and will continue to bloom.
    -Its good to see more potion makers in the region. Samples of potions of silence I was given have proven to be immeasurable in usefulness, with myself and a capable group of allies making short work of the Mazelord and his minions.
    -Too many shitty red dragons and an annoying white dragon in the region. Sadly staying here will not yield much in regards to finding those who share the blue draconic bloodline. At some point I should take some people I like and make way to the deserts in hope of finding one. I have so many questions!
    -When are these damn fire giants going to attack. If I prove myself and protect Blackbridge well enough it should earn me more clout. Also, I have pledged to offer 100,000 to help with anything Blackbridge might need though due to fragmented leadership in lieu of events that transpired, no one has accepted the offer with the the only caveat being that all purchases and coins used be written down in detail
    -Why is all food bland. Ever since the scales started growing food has less and less flavor. Flesh from animals does satisfy cravings and tastes good with enough salt and spice, but I can barely taste anything else.
    -Actually, that's not all quite true. Certain metals have their own unique flavor and as long as they're soft enough I can eat and digest them quite well. Gold taste best, silver's alright. Platinum coins and gems are good to suck on or swallow whole but my teeth and jaws aren't quite strong enough to bite through them. Now and then I get cravings to eat people, but the urges are faint enough that temptation is rarely a thing.