Player Submission: Families of High Hold

  • I will be offering up some xp rewards for those who wish to write up a family of High Hold. These are the 'nobles' of Blackbridge/High Hold. Families with long lines going back to possibly the time of Tidus Fisher himself.High Hold has many ties to Peltarch in blood, but also the ability to be open for newer families.

    Have a good knowledge on the actual history of Peltarch and when High Hold split? The later years and the Renegades? Want to try an tackle one of the more historical families? These families have a couple well-known NPC's among them, some are still active in the area. Do your research on these families if you want to do them.

    • Sent
    • Gor
    • Tyloran
    • Ackerman
    • Creed
    • Thane
    • Hawkeswell

    Want to do a family with not as many notable NPC's already established? Then you can start wherever you want.

    Here are some of the current family names, but you could even make up your own.

    • Emerson
    • Hiliam
    • Mellis
    • Pelt
    • Edson
    • Brokenblade
    • Aster

    Here is a link to the Peltarch player submission and how folks wrote them up. This format would give good information on the families current members and their role in High Hold and/or Blackbridge. This would be my first choice for a write-up. You can add in any information you think of. How they feel about Peltarch/Norwick/Damara. Details are great.

    Want to do a family tree back a few generations? You could go beyond the write-up and add in a family tree. A template to use and an example.


    alt text


    alt text

    • If you have little story twists for any of the NPC's and don't think they should be public knowledge, I can add them to a DM specific thread for future use.
    • You can post here if you want to do any of the families and I will put your name beside them so no one else writes them up.

  • SatansAdvisor did the following:

    Aster Family
    Brokenblade Family