A Land Under Seige (Devils)

  • Vick sits down tiredly and calls a meeting of High Hold leaders.
    Where we stand right now is not good. Lord Sent and Maeve are still down...We have lost Navarra... and there seems to be a large conspiracy across the lands. Akerman and Eric should be recovered enough soon to address us. Mercenaries lead assaults on Peltarch, but they seemed a distraction to allow devils to assault the leadership there. When the true North hit the remains of the spelljammer it seemed a distraction to allow the devils to hit the leadership here. My people are trying to gather all the information they can but we are spread thin. I have eyes and ears headed out West to Stonepeak and Stephenhall. We are also trying to gauge the Fire Giants reactions to this. I fear if they are not part of this, they may take advantage of the situation when word gets out.

    He leans back and pinches the bridge of his nose

    Report anything you may know about in the past 6 months that may seem to have some relation to this.

    ((please enter anything below that pertains to the ongoing devil issues))

  • Though believed by many to be dead and lost, Eric Destal has now returned to High Hold - thinner and visibly weary, yet alive and as well as his long period of incapacitation might allow.

  • [An update for the continuation of finding Eric. Week isn't cooperating, and as I am going on vacation next week, I am getting busier preparing for that. So possibly this weekend something may happen. If not, I am off the week of the 18th as well and should be home.]

  • As the days go on, groups of people gather daily at the common area to argue over the current state of Blackbridge. Minor fights are accompanied by minor injuries, soome are hauled off to the cells to calm. Early one morning, a large group begins to gather, and with the gathering come weapons and torches. Shouting matches begin between the two opposing groups.. tensions begin to rise.

    [All the IC actions posted previously in this thread, regarding the Council positions. They can be done tomorrow IG hopefully. At 3:30 to 4 PM ET, hoping to run an event. I am on-call, but with luck stupid work won't get in the way. crosses fingers See you all there.]

  • Frederick steps up as the situation escalates.

    "There will be no fighting here, today. We have enough enemies to worry about on the outside of the walls. If you have a desire to protect our home, turn your eyes to them. Focus your strength on what matters for now."

    If and when the people starts calming down, he would continue:

    "I will also add my name to the list, if you allow it.

    I've served this town whole my life, and my desire is only to keep order and peace while we do all that we can to bring our Lord back to his duties. But make no mistake. Your efforts in these trying times will be what really decides what our home will look like, much more than anything we do. For Lord Sent, and for High Hold, I stand vigilant in Helm's name."

  • Rika steps forward. There is reluctance in her steps, and it is clear she does this only out of a sense of duty. Yet despite her reluctance, she clearly attracts attention, her charismatic bearing familiar by this point in time. She is known as Rika, the raid leader of the Creel attached to High Hold.

    She leads weekly raids into Hobgoblin territory, and does her best to pull the Creel outliers that live in the Giantspires into the tribe attached to High Hold. Since then, a percentage of these raids has been poured into the Blackbridge economy as tribute. While not born here, she not newcomer either. Her yurt on the hill has been there for years. She was the first “outsider” to pledge fealty to Lord Sent.

    She steps forward, her mithril armor largely covered by furs and tabard. She raises her hand and says, “If the people wish, I will serve”

    (CHA 18)

  • The people present turn to Yamamoto as she offers herself up for the Council. Like many, her name has been spoken of around High Hold, and she has earned the respect of the people for fighting the horrid Neogi threat. Many nod along at her words and some even clap at the brief, yet impressive display of her skills. As she bellows out her roar and electricity flies off into the sky, the agreeable attitude of the common folk switches to one of fear. Women grab their children as if to protect them. The gathering of common people back away at the sight, many making superstitious warding gestures.

    The shouts of Monster! can be heard. We don't want more dragons!. Some stand in defence of the blue-scaled woman, though. We would be slaves to the Neogi if not for people like her!. Two sides form and the crowd begins to shout back and forth at each other, some reaching for weapons on their belts. High Hold soldiers move in between the two groups of commoners to keep the peace.

    The Temposan Priestess watches the gathering from the cliffside, her face as unreadable as stone.

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  • Peltarch Employee

    Though a newcomer to the region, in lieu of current events, Yamamoto offers herself as a prospect for council. Proving herself in combat both against the fiends and the alien monsters that had captured the citizens beforehand. It is fairly common knowledge at this point that the eastern woman has blue dragon blood in her veins, and had pledged herself to Frederick and High Hold in general as a protector.

    She would publicly address the crowd, notifying them that whether she serve as council, or just to serve the council directly, she would do everything she can to ensure the safety of the new home and everyone who has accepted her here.

    "Though I am a foreigner in your land, I will serve you all with honor. As the blood of dragons flows through me, I am strong. Upon my shoulders, I will help carry the burdens along with others who may be elected. Twice I have fought tooth, claw, and nail to preserve the people of this place, and I wish to do it many, many more times. Whether or not I am elected, I will continue to protect my new home. Our strength to Blackbridge and its people. Our strength to High Hold!"

    She'd draw her large serrated pole-sword, performing a brief impressive display of her skills, thrusting then up into the air, and bellow a roar into the sky, electricity scintillatingly sparking up in the sky as she does.

  • After the long silence on the status of Lord Ewan Sent and his advisors, a gathering is called at the common grounds in Blackbridge. An announcement finally made by Arahar Akia Seagha, Priestess of Tempus. She stands on the cliff overlooking the commons.

    'As you have heard many rumours already, I am here to confirm that Lord Ewan Sent and his advisors Maeve, Lieutenant Eric and General Devon Ackerman were attacked by infernal forces in High Hold itself. Many lives were lost in the assault and our Lord has not awoken from the infernal magics used on him. His advisors share a similar condition at this time.

    As of this moment, Captain Brogan Thane, as ranking officer, has taken command of the soldiers of High Hold and will continue to prepare for the inevitable confrontation that we shall soon face. The time of Tribute is upon us, and the fire giants will soon turn their attention to Blackbridge. Our enemies still move among us, the True North and these infernals who attacked our Lord. We will NOT stand for this. We will remain strong. We will root out these bastards from whatever hole they hide in and put them to the sword.

    Many begin to question who shall rule until our Lord is better. Those within High Hold have looked to me to decide and now I have. For the time being, a Council of five people selected from among the citizens of Blackbridge, these five will see to the everyday matters of our home. Any CITIZEN can put forth their names for this honour. We will continue to work tirelessly to return our Lord to his rightful seat in High Hold.

    If you are interested in serving for this Council, offer your name to the scribes and my decision will be made in a months time, after all names are gathered.

    The priestess looks around at the gathered people and motions three scribes forward. She oversees the collection of names, keeping a sharp eye on the scribes and those who step forward. Behind the priestess, the servants of Siamorphe watch the proceedings, frowning and talking quietly among themselves.


    • Any PC citizen of Blackbridge can put forth their names.
    • Elections in High Hold aren't really elections. The High Priestess will decide who serves.
    • If you are interested in this temporary position or you want to put forward someone else, you are allowed.
    • The peoples opinion WILL sway the Priestesses decision. So if you want to speak in front of the people or the priestess, post here.
    • I will give it at least a couple weeks from this date for people to post or PM me with any actions they might want to take..
    • You can PM me if you don't want to be so open about your wish to run. Things can happen behind the scenes. Like securing support from the various factions of High Hold.
    • Any questions, feel free to ask.

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