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  • The Halfling Defence League

    Hey all, in addition to my more euro-focused Rawlinswood stuff, I want to start running semi-regular Hinhold events in East Coast US evening times. I'm looking to run the first one on Monday at probably 8pm Eastern. If anyone has a hin, gnome, dwarf, or just a character that is close to Hinhold that they're already playing, please feel free to join in! Also if anyone's not currently involved but would like a cool "in" to join in these events, please see this post for a list of open slots for PC's that are part of Hinhold's more established families, where I'll help you with setting up a cool background!

    As always with my events, I'd like to keep the party smallish, maybe 6-8 people. Comment here if you're interested!

    Event 1
    In the aftermath of the devastating bandit attack on Peltarch, Hinhold finds itself in its own little whirlwind of chaos. Wracked with differing opinions and indecision about how to respond to the situation up north, the people of Hinhold are finally seeming to get themselves into a position to establish a civilian government that can present a unified response. Before that can happen, though, there's the matter of a crackpot gnome with a plan to "help" the city of Peltarch that's so crazy, it just might work. If he can get the help he needs to see his plan come to fruition, that is.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Well the good thing about having it tomorrow night is that starting later if needed isn't a problem since I have off all day Wednesday.

  • I should be able to make it still. Have a 7:00 zoom meeting, hopefully will be done by 8:00.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Hinhold folks, I'm pushing this to tomorrow night. Work absolutely knackered me and I am nowhere near awake enough to be able to run an event tonight.

  • Peltarch Employee

    I'll have Arabella on board whenever you plan to run it

  • Yep, very interested for MIlo to join in these and this one.