Build 907B6

  • Dev

    Prevent Intermittent Crashes

    Someone out there things we're important enough to mess with our servers. If that's a compliment, I'll take it! We've thrown in a few safety measures to make sure that doesn't interrupt gameplay. Enjoy!

    Please thank @Dorakhan for identifying the root cause of it all.

    RLG Loot Chest Fixes

    Many of you are helping us find broken chests in this thread. Thank you for your feedback! We've rolled out a few fixes to the ones that you've pointed out and caught a few more. May you now find the loot you seek!

    Thank you @Gonnar, @Adamic and @Hekatoncheires

    More Skinnable Animals

    We're playing a bit of catchup with much of the expansion Narf has seen in the last year or two. One of the items on our list has been to update animals to have appropriate hides and meat. We've went through and updated many that have been missing the ability to be skinned.

    A big thank you from the dev team to @Wywernywin for identifying all the missing critters!

    Peltarch Sewers Residential District Rebalance

    We've been made aware of some issues with the Residential District of the sewers. We've jumped in and updated the spawn tables to make sure spawns are level appropriate.

    Thank you to @DarkHorseman for flagging the issue.


    As with all build updates, there is the likelihood of bugs. Please report bugs to the bug reporting forum so that we can fix them.