Strange Tidings from the Rawlinswood

  • For days, rumors swirl of a strange, egg-shaped craft sighted multiple times in the Rawlinswood, especially along the Scar. Those who were daring enough to venture close speak of coming under attack from undead which seem to have been following it. The craft seems to have disappeared for a few days, only to reappear back along the Scar, this time coming under attack from a large number of wyverns. Evidently, it was badly damaged by them, and quickly lost altitude before slamming into a rock outcropping in the southern part of the Rawlins.

    Not long after, a party of adventurers was dispatched from the Druids' glenn, a party which returned with a wealth of books, scrolls, and the severed hand of a large metal golem.

    Days after, however, a new development: a small task force of Cerulean Knights, rarely seen in the south, ventures into the woods towards the wreck. A few nights later, the sky is alight with bright flashes of color from discharges of magical energy near the object. What exactly happened isn't immediately clear, but the Ceruleans have yet to be heard from again.