Call to Arms:

  • Orders are called after an increase of attacks on caravans to Damara. Small contingents of the Vanguard has gone out and found several camps off the roads in the hills and woods.
    Troops are required to hunt off the road and clear back any and all possible sources of threats to travel.

    ((I would like to see If I could get the High Hold people together for a trip to Damara as far as we can get. I would like to hit the off road areas so this may take awhile, but we can call it when we want)) I am available most afternoons and evening EdT GMT-4, I think) Please let me know if you are interested. No DM involvement just a way to try and get 4-8 players on and do something.))

  • odd individuals contact varying people from high hold, passing in the streets, at a meal or out in the wilds. The words are the same; Meet near the burnt out ruins of the ship in 3 days, at dawn. Then the person slips away

    DrD is looking at an event possibly tomorrow. Vick is looking for the core individuals he trusts from High Hold. Rika, Frederick, Eve, JT, Tory, Vin, Eric.... All who have been recently turned away from High Hold keeps locked gates.

  • If 2 or more can meet up in game at some point don't sweat it. But I would like each to look over the are and pick a primary and secondary spot to discuss, even if we do it in this thread.

  • (We can try to do it Sunday if weekend works for folks? As with anything this week, I am on-call so might have to leave at any time.)

  • I am around GMT afternoons/evenings on weekdays, and more flexible on the weekends.

  • (I'll be gone M-F next week)

  • We will try and refine next week sometime to begin with 🙂

  • Fred should be OK to participate. This week is a bit wonky due to some late evening meetings, but I think I'll be available any day next week.

  • Any of the named interested in getting together to do this as a group? Rika, Tory, Makoto, JT and Frederick.

  • Messengers are sent out to each of the following 4 people and they are asked to gather at a small meeting room in High Hold. Makoto, JT, Frederick and Tory. After the meeting the group heads out to the hobgoblin lands.

    (Rika) I am not sure which option you took but if you took the land you are part of this also. You are to survey the lands just to the west in the hobgoblin area for the best location for a keep and then work with High Hold to build what is needed.

    (We need to find a time frame we can get the group together for an excursion to map that area and then pick a spot. So 6:00 evenings EST US GMT-5 work best for me but I am very flexible. Use this thread to pick times and days and we will try and get this done.)

  • A bit of pre-session RP OOC, so I do not spend the first 45 minutes typing in game.

    Vick approaches the group at the Inn, looks them over and sighs
    Okay, I have called this outing with permission from Lord Sent. The Long road to Damara has been steadily getting worse. The larger caravans have heavy guards but for regular traffic is is becoming problematic. Our patrols are spread thin an d can barely cover the actual road itself.
    So your job today is to drive things back from the roads and up into the hills. We wish you to put the fear of sword and fire into every bandit, robber and creature that preys on the road. We ant them to leave or at least have second thoughts when they hear travelers on the road.
    There might be adventuring groups out that way so take a care no to carelessly attack everything that moves.
    If you have any bandit prisoners you are allowed to release them if they were not caught in the act of murder. You are to mark them on the inner elbow with High Holds mark. This means that the next time they are caught doing such, and bear the mark, Their life is forfeit. Check any and all to see if they bear the mark.
    Fire and Sword people, put the fear of it into any and all that would prey on that road.

    I will finis up in game

  • Starts in 12 hours from this post.

  • 24 hours from this post, this event will start. Come prepared.

  • Dev

    Ooooh... a dangerous mission with @darkspyr involved? Throw in a secret DM? Whatsoever could go wrong?!?!? 😛

  • Okay, we seem to have settled on Friday night at 6:30 PM EDT GMT-4. There may be a secret DM involved so be ready for anything. Basically 3 days and 1 hour from now.

  • Peltarch Employee

    Free to do it any time this week, keep us posted on disco too

  • Under normal circumstances, I would love to participate in this mission. Unfortunately it's a very busy week. Gatlord and family are coming to visit (at my house Wednesday). Then we leave on vacation to the mountains Friday. I will have very slow wifi there, but last year it was too slow to play Narfell. I likely won't be back in game until the last week in July.


  • I could try to get Freddy in on this, depending on the time we start.

  • Would love to play as Rika