Build 907B5

  • Dev

    More RLG Properties

    We've got quite a backlog of fixes and tweaks to roll out to the RLG system. In Build 907B5, we've added in a few properties that have been needing to get in for quite some time:

    • Bonus Blackguard Spell Slots
    • Bonus Assassin Spells Slots
    • Immunity to Disease and Poison

    If you're in need of some magic items with the goodness listed above, you can now find it!

    0_1626081350075_Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 2.15.36 AM.png

    DM Loot Tools

    Many of the survey responses called for more DM event loot and less randomness with RLG loot. We are taking steps to make it easier and quicker for DMs to do so without having to leave the game and logout to make items in the toolset (which is a huge pain and super time consuming for us!). Build 907B5 rolls out the first version of a DM tool that will help do all of this.


    As with all build updates, there is the likelihood of bugs. Please report bugs to the bug reporting forum so that we can fix them.