Hinhold High Society

  • The Halfling Defence League

    While not directly ruled by any aristocrats (or, as yet, any authority beyond the provisional Halfling Defense League government), there are several families who, by virtue of their wealth or deeds, have become local luminaries of Hinhold high society. The most notable of these families are:

    The Janger Family: While not ultra wealthy, the Jangers are held very dear by the people of Hinhold and Hero's Bluff. Drem Janger, the family matriarch, is largely credited as the person who did the most to shepherd the hin through their difficult first few years on the Bluff. While Drem rarely appears out in public now, her blessing on things can make or break many endeavors in and around Hinhold. As such, she's learned to be very careful with what she says and even moreso with what she does. Other members of the family include Falco Janger, owner of the small Golden Star Trading Coster and a hin with nascent political aspirations, and Fintran Janger, the halfling currently serving as Hinhold's provisional Herald.

    The Brockhouse Family: When the halfling labor union federated with the others in Peltarch to form the Peltarch Docks Union, its leader, Goodwill "Big Bill" Brockhouse was, along with his daughter Sadie, noted as being particularly skilled with the drafting of contracts. Following the union's violent dissolution, the Brockhouses were one of the main families organizing the flight of the city's halfling population to Hinhold. Organizing many of their old hin and gnome workers into the new Hinhold Labor Union, the Brockhouses have secured themselves wealth, influence, and political clout. Sadie now leads the Hinhold Labor Union and has political aspirations, while Big Bill's son, Goodwill "GW" Brockhouse, has set himself up with the kennels outside the city where he and his wife, Melora Farhill, live. GW and Melora have four children, all adults: Goodwill (aka "Small Bill"), Otho, Hal, and Arabella.

    The Farhill Family: A military family with a long history in the Halfling Defense League, the Farhills are considered respected defenders of hinfolk and gnomes in the region. The family patriarch, Merrimac Farhill, is an aged and infirm old hin of 137 years, who once held the rank of Major within the HDL militia. Merrimac's only son, Fredegar, has been serving the HDL and has been given command of a small sloop owned by the militia's tiny four-ship navy. Fredegar and his wife, Ora, have two sons named Hugo and Rollo. Fred's sister Melora, meanwhile, has been training troops within the HDL militia and has become known as a stern disciplinarian to those under her command.

    The Goodbrother Family: Another family with a storied military history, the Goodbrothers trace their line back to a paladin of Arvoreen named Tarl Goodbrother. The current patriarch of the family is Theobald Goodbrother, an elderly hin who is currently preparing to retire from his post as commander of the HDL Militia, an occasion which is expected to bring about a large-scale reorganization of the group. Theobald is a widower whose wife, one Josephina Bramblevine, died shortly after the death of their only son, Theomere, on the field of battle at Hero's Bluff during the fight to reclaim Jiyyd from demons. Though Theomere himself is dead, his five children continue on the family legacy. Three of them - sons Talbert and Theodoric and his daughter Tanda - are currently active members of the HDL Militia, while two others - Tom and Tyta - are not.

    The Oakheaver Family: Originally a family of merchant hin from Damara, the Oakheavers heard of the plight of the refugees of the Silver Valley and diverted their resources from trade caravans into humanitarian relief for the people of the Bluff. Eventually, humanitarian concern and goodwill became something of a deeper connection, and as the camp on the Bluff became a more permanent settlement, the Oakheavers decided to relocate there permanently. Currently the patriarch of the family is Togo Oakheaver, a middle-aged hin who, along with his wife Thomasina, enjoys considerable goodwill from much of the townsfolk. Their son Drogo is trying his hand at expanding the family's business into shipping along the Scar, but is an inexperienced captain who relies heavily on his subordinates for sailing advice. Togo's sister (and his trading company's bookkeeper) is Olive Oakheaver, who is currently married to the town's provisional herald, Fintran Janger.

    The Tealeaf Family: Among the most well-known and storied hin families in Narfell history, the Tealeafs are as prominent as they are prolific. Indeed, there are so many sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and cousins in the family that, try as one might, it's impossible to point to one specific patriarch. Originally of Ghostwise descent, intermarriage with the Lightfoot and Strongheart families of Narfell has, in subsequent generations, all but bred out the family's Ghostwise traits. There are currently two "main" branches of the family: the branch based in Hinhold proper, and the branch based in the nearby Home-on-the-Hill. Of the Hinhold Tealeafs, the most prominent would be HDL officers Zinnia and Leyland Tealeaf as well as the young HDL recruit, Phlox Tealeaf. Of the Home-on-the-Hill Tealeafs, Hyacinth is, at 111, the current eldest member of the family, while her grandchildren Sago, Tupelo, and Violet work variously as traders, laborers, and porters in town. It should be noted though that this is only a small and, thus far, very incomplete list, and Tealeaf is among the most common family names in Hinhold.

    The Tilnook Family: Indisputably the wealthiest of all of Hinhold's families, the Tilnooks are also its most prominent gnomes. Their main business, the Adventurer's Mart, was located in Norwick rather than in the Silver Valley, and therefore escaped the destruction other hin and gnome families faced when the Silver Valley was overrun. Indeed, until the refugees set up on the Bluff, the Tilnooks had little to do with the smallfolk from the Valley. The family patriarch is Feldegast Tilnook, who still operates his shop in Norwick and rarely leaves town. Instead, the Tilnook interests in Hinhold are managed largely by his children who, sensing pending business opportunities, swooped in to purchase building lots in the castle town, which they now rent out to residents. Feldegast's children are his daughter Friga, who is the one most in charge of the family's business dealings and has political aspirations of her own in the town, and his sons Floki and Foli. Floki is a skilled mage who cares little for business dealings and instead prefers to use his share of the family's resources to hone his craft and play pranks on his brother and sister, as well as his wife and three children. Foli, meanwhile, is far more even-tempered, and hopes to one day take over his father Feldegast's shop.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Hinhold Notables

    Looking for something a little different? The following members of Hinhold's prominent families are available for PC's to play! Feel free to message me on Discord if you'd like to play one, and I'll give you some background to get you started!

    Janger Family

    • Olo Janger - Age 23 - son of Fintran Janger and Olive Oakheaver - Open
    • Glenda Janger - Age 20 - daughter of Fintran Janger and Olive Oakheaver - Open

    Brockhouse Family

    • Otho Brockhouse - Age 25 - son of GW Brockhouse and Melora Farhill - Open
    • Hal Brockhouse - Age 23 - son of GW Brockhouse and Melora Farhill - Open
    • Arabella Brockhouse - Age 20 - daughter of GW Brockhouse and Melora Farhill - Played by Mojojoe

    Farhill Family

    • Rollo Farhill - Age 21 - son of Fredegar Farhill and Ora Greengrass - Open

    Goodbrother Family

    • Tyta Goodbrother - Age 27 - daughter of Theomere Goodbrother and Jasmine Tealeaf - Open
    • Tom Goodbrother - Age 25 - son of Theomere Goodbrother and Jasmine Tealeaf - Open