Build 907B2 and 907B3

  • Dev

    Opening up East of the Nars Pass

    Surrounding areas have opened east of the Nars Pass. Hin Hold, a druid circle and wondrous riverbanks are all now sites to see.

    We're still making some changes here but the maps are open to explore.

    Thank you @Lence and @Fadia

    Progress towards Automatic Loot Gen in Boss Chests

    It's come up so frequently on the wish list lately that we wanted to make some moves. One of the biggest additions in these releases is we've enabled automatic loot generation. It still needs some configuration but the feature is live on the server and staff is working on getting chests configured. We are that much closer to never seeing an empty chest after a long journey ever again!

    Lost City Balance Update

    Adjusted the LC difficulty to represent it's high end level dungeon status. A party of levels 16+ is very advisable, though not strictly required. Added traps, and access to deeper parts controlled by locked doors that require a key. Some spawns adjusted. (Reduced amount of dispels, specially greater dispels, some spawns made physically more challenging). These brought to you courtesy of @Gonnar.

    Updating to NWN:EE 8193.23

    New pathfinding improvements and some really fun new features for our devs to start playing with like smoothly transitioning size changes. More info on the NWN:EE steam news hub.

    Tools for DMs

    As we all know, a happy DM makes a happy player. The DM client is, for lack of better terms, held together by duct tape. We've been making some moves to organize and improve their tools to make it easier for them to make cool experiences for all of us!