The challenge

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    So I have commissioned an artist to do 4 digital paintings for my first two books, Children of Hell desperation and Separation. This is the first finished product called The Challenge. It is the first time that the race I created 'The Elder Fey'ri have been illustrated ever. The Elder Fey'ri are a bred race of a cross between Abishai and Ilythiir (pre-drow) for the purposes of Tiamat.

    The Artist is Elena "Greendera" Zambelli of Italy.

    In this scene Kioshi has challenged two women (Mayumi Torvirr and Miwa Duskmere) to a mating dual. If he can subdue to the two women they both become his wives. If they kill him, they are free to live their lives unwed. Kioshi temporarily takes out Miwa because he knows she wants to be his mate. Here he is concentrating on Mayumi because he knows she hates and wants to kill him. Mayumi like most elder fey'ri has both her wings and is fighting with a steel fan and katana. Kioshi lost one of his wings in the blood wars and the other in a dual with a master samurai. He has thrown his short staff away and is drawing his katana to subdue her.!28823&parId=306EF43E05A0B40!156&o=OneUp