Matilda of Ilmwatch

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    Matilda of Ilmwatch

    Status: Alive

    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'10"
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Skin Tone: Ruddy

    Also known as: Ser Matilda, Matilda Arn

    Equipment Worn: Matilda's equipment, such as it is, is very basic, if well made. The most noteworthy is her armor, a set of steel plate covered with a surcoat bearing her family's arms, a triangle of three ravens in flight on red, quartered with the arms of the church of Torm.

    Equipment Carried: Matilda bears a mundane but finely honed longsword as well as a sturdy metal tower shield backed with wood, which likewise bears the arms of the church of Torm.

    Reputation: Matilda's accent marks her as being from Impiltur. Matilda is known to be a member of house Arn, a noble family that rules the port town of Arn's Cove in the name of the grand council of Impiltur. While of noble birth, she was low in her family's order of succession, being a second daughter with three brothers. Despite her estrangement from the rest of her family, she still continues to wear their arms proudly.

    As a child, Matilda nursed a keen love of adventure stories, which her family was, at the time, quite happy to indulge. As she grew into a rambunctious youth, however, she chafed against their attempts to get her to be a proper highborn lady. Social engagements and her family's attempts at matchmaking brought her nothing but frustration, and the families of their prospective allies nothing but offense. Eventually, the arguments with her family grew to be too much and, taking what money and possessions she had, she booked passage on a ship to Ilmwatch. Once there, she joined with the temple of Torm, being taken on as a squire by a knight of the temple, Ser Aelfgar. For six years, he'd teach her what it means to be a knight, until on his deathbed following a battle gone badly, he knighted her.

    Now on her own, Matilda has wandered to Narfell, hoping to find purpose in the frequently-afflicted land.