Build 907B

    • Dragon Disciple class unlocked with some changes. Max level at 6. (More to follow.)
    • New RLG parallel mechanic added. Look for "crystaline relics" in future drops! (note that these only work with RLG items created from version 907B onward)
    • Shrine of Tempus will now grant occasional buffs when broken armor, weapons, or shields are placed in offerings.
    • Changes to pet tokens so hopefully all appearances are now valid.
    • Various area and spawn updates.

  • (Seisan Addendum)

    • New dungeon added:
      The old forsaken orcish fort south of Jiyyd is back with some kind of weird undead activity. Would you dare to take this new challenge?
      The dungeon has hidden treasure rooms and passages you can use your skills to reveal individually, for your group or if you are stalking.
      [Recommended level: 10-14. Note that you won't be able to enter the Boss room if you are above level 14, neither you'll be able to open the loot chests if that's the case. You can still explore all new three areas though.]
    • Some loot chest are now level restricted across the world for better adventuring experience.
    • Campfires built with the oil flasks now works as it used to do in the past: rest near one and you get an extra hp recovery bonus (as if bandaged).
    • Some new areas will let you rest only if you build a campfire and there are not enemies nearby.
    • Few undead creature added

    List of caves that have had their loot chest level restricted:

    1. Giantspire Foothills - Orc Cave: Level 8 and bellow
    2. Giantspire Southern Pass - Deeper Woods: Level 12 and bellow
    3. Giantspire Foothills - Damp Caves: Level 16 and bellow
    4. Rawlinswood: Goblin Hold Level 2: Level 12 and bellow
    5. Undergound - Rural Tunnels: Level 12 and bellow

    For devs:

    • Added functionality to place hidden objects that can be revealed by passing certain skill checks.
    • Added script to spawn a boss creature when entering a trigger.
    • Added level restriction script, it works for both: a locked/unlocked container and any kind of door.
    • Added NO_LOCATION_FIX variable int. This excludes NPCs to adjust their location if they are too close to the edge of an area (1.5 squares iirc)