• Xinxi

    Art credit: ZeD

    Socially inept, reclusive, shy. Many words could be used to describe Xinxi’s personality. Whenever she speaks, she tends to speak awkwardly and in a monotone, yet pleasant sounding, soft voice. She does not use many words and seems to keep sentences as short as possible. It is clear that she has not picked up all of the social conventions and she could outright leave after finishing saying what she wanted to say. Xinxi tends to show deep and intent focus of her goals. While she seems to be able to potray infinite patience, short remarks reveal her thoughts. As many who dedicate themselves to studying, her registry of emotions is lacking, to say the least. Her brain might be wired differently. It seems that when she has started something, she needs to finish it and shows great reluctance to stop. Xinxi seems to have an affection for cats and horses.

    Xinxi have almost white, or at least very, very, light blonde hair at shoulder length. Her skine is pale beige and her skin is close to flawless. She shows facial features with clear far eastern features however her eyes are bright blue-greeen depending on the light. She wears tight-fitting clothes most often and also have a prefarence for dresses. Another striking detail of her appearance is the prosthetic that replaces and compensates her left hand. Her hand and wrist is missing and her forearm ends witha mechanical contraptions on which several different attachments can be fastened.

    Clothing and equipment:
    Xinxi seems to prefer to weild a katana however has been seen using a particularly well made club. She has several attachments for her prosthetic. Some as simple as cutlery and some are a bit more complicated such as holding books for reading or potion bottles. She uses a large shield for protection, with a special attachment to be fastened to her prosthetic, as well as a gambeson and chain shirt.

    Combat style:
    Mounted on her horse, Xinxi does combat in a defensive style. She often enhances her abilities with various spells and also uses her arcane ability for offense. She also uses a sling.