The Witnessed Victories of The Mad Heroine over Inanimate Objects

    Regaining conciousness, the world is spinning as she comes too. The ceiling of The Lucky Ferret comes to focus. The first thing Raazi feels as her hands search around for something near to help herself up is the hard square foot of a cheap chair. Her knuckles whiten as she drags the chair, limping. The swelling bruises on her face hide pure determination. She approaches the socializing adventurers.
    ~"RrHyyyeeuuaahhhhrAAHH!" - Roars Raazi with all her strength and fortitude when she smashes the chair over the dwarf Bunus's shoulders who wasnt looking.
    ~"How is this ok?!" - a concerned onlooker asks.
    ~"Chairfight ok." - says the halforc bouncer, who is otherwise silently watching with amusement.

    Now enabled and emboldened, the two continue to brutally melee eachother with the bouncer's blessing. Raazi spectacularly endures every chair violently thrown or broken over at her that night and passes out due to over drinking in the alleyway


    Episode 2: Magnet Trick

    She held onto the seat and sat with all her might while the chair dragged around the floor- like how a child can manipulate certain utensils with a magnet under a table. It bucked the woman onto the tavern floor of the Witch and Seer and she now paces back and fourth, keeping an eye on her opponent with much distrust. The Chair had already proven itself when it tried to sit on Jonni, who didn't let this ruin an abnormally casual evening and promptly left Raazi to deal with the wooden fiend.

    Raazi paces left- The Chair follows her as warriors do just before they commit to battle. She paces right and then left like an athlete trying to fake out her opponent. The Chair doesn't fall for such juvenile tactics and slides directly onto her toe! This happens several times until she is finally stubbed into submission and cowers on top of a table, nursing her little piggies with a very seriously needed potion while The Chair just sits there, watching her like a predator waiting for its prey to slip..

    Moving very purposely and quickly, she retaliates and knows where to grab for potions as the assault resumes, casting invigorating spells until her eyes were misting with neon red energy. The two went toe-to-leg for a while till finally a sword was drawn to end the incessant bruiser. The Chair sat for a moment to gather its wickedness which left Raazi with just enough time to slam her bronze xiphos into it hard enough to start a crack that she quickly exploited by hacking it in twain and then into little pieces and then also into the tiny bitty pieces and so on and so fourth....

    ~The bartender not only had to deal with Jonni's hilarious sass that night, but also a great deal of Raazi's mess too which included many spilled drinks, pastries, flipped chairs and her hangover the next day. At least no regulars were frightened away during the spectacle and Raazi always over pays during her stays because she hates low denominations of currency.


    Episode 1: Eye holes.

    There are endless uses for the true strike spell and the cavalcade of martial art styles in the Nars leaves even the least capable of persons a little inspired. And so the lone dingus reinacts the final gorey blows she's witnessed during adventuring on a training dummy in the Stargazers Emporium with unearing accuracy and enthusiasm. Her severely bent rapier ricochets and deflects off the combat dummy's bucket head. "Take that! -And that! And that one too!" speaks Raazi with a whimsically heroic and determined voice. The moment is building up till she takes a step back and murmurs an incantation in the comfort of a training area. Her blade sticks into the dummy's ever widening eye holes with a quick thrust. "Ha HA!"
    she makes a splating noise with some air in her cheek

    ~A Gnome walks in and double takes at the grown adult woman playing with swords like a child playing out her favorite movies* "What are you doing?"
    ~The store owner answers for her, "Its a training area, its alright"
    ~A moment passes as Raazi is catching her breath. She doesnt pay much attention to the people behind her.

    With an abrupt and sudden twist, the combat dummy retaliates back and forth with stiff arms that contact her head without much warning. The world goes mute and she sees a shutter of imagines from the flurry blows as the dummy gains the upper hand.

    They say she went into an autopilot of defensive arcane contengencies and an impressive 3 whole serious health potions to defeat the fel incarnation of her violent imagination. The melee went on for minutes that seemed like hours. In the end, she kicked it over and tore its head off. Threatening the store owner at the mere assumption that he wanted her prize: the combat dummie's head. The reward of victory.