Attack On Oscura!

  • Oscura woke up today to the sound of a horrifyingly loud explosion that completely decimated the Temple of the Caverns.

    This destruction appears to have been caused by agents of Shar, who intended to cause as much damage as possible both in the docks and the Temple, possibly in retaliation for being banished from the town.

    Survivors were retrieved from the rubble thanks to the quick and decisive action by a warrior wearing the colors of High Hold and the markings of Uthgar.

  • Rary collects all he can find and burns them

  • Some days after the attack in Oscura pamphlets begin appearing in the dead of night in Oscura, Peltarch and Norwick.

    People of Narfell, brothers and sisters of the faith as well as the faithless infidels.

    I am, or was, Melinda Vask, Darkcloak of Shar. What you are reading now is my final writings before I leave for my final mission. They say that the dead cannot preach, this is how I prove them wrong. This scripture will serve as a call to the faithful, and a plea to the faithless.

    To my siblings in the dark, we have been banished from Oscura. Our great prophisied time has not come. We continue to languish in this miserable existence. I understand that many of you will be feeling despondent at this, you would be correct to think this is our darkest hour. But recall the dogma! The dark is the time to act, not wait! Having a public temple destroyed is no real set back, secrecy and subterfuge is our way. Rebuild, faithful of Shar. Rebuild and strike again. The end of all things is an inevitability, our actions only hasten it. Shar's victory will come, one day. Just not now.

    But to those who fight against us in the name of light, I beg of you reconsider your stance.
    You fight for a day where all will stand together in prosperity, without pain, without misery. Such a day will never come, it's presence is too ingrained into the very fabric of reality, the only way to have a world without Evil is to unmake the world. You cling to your 'goodly' gods because they protect you from these pains, but unknowingly or not they perpetuate them. Ilmater is the god of Suffering, while he seeks to alleviate it it is his very core, if suffering is to be defeated then Ilmater must be obliterated. Torm stands opposed to the evils of the world, but once they are gone what does he stand for then? And Selune, the whore goddess herself, she who has the audacity to call herself a goddess of light when the blame for all of the worlds ills fall at her feet.
    If any of my words ring true to you, if you are ever unable to bear the pains of the world, if the empty words and hollow platitudes of the gods of light are unable to heal your weary heart than I beseech you, embrace the darkness. She will embrace you.

    Know now the names of those who gave their lives to strike against the city that cast us out, let they be uttered as martyrs to Shar's cause.