Droibo's and Trade Hall Storage moving to Bag of Holding

  • Hi everybody!

    This is your friendly DM Tpickles here to announce we embarking on consolidating persistent storage options in Narfell.

    The first pass of this will involve shutting down the chests previously available at :

    1. Droibo's self storage
    2. Peltarch Craft Hall
    3. Norwick Craft Hall

    If you have a storage chest at one of these locations, please transfer your goods to the Bag of Holding representative onsite at your earliest convenience.

    We will be locking down access to the old chests in 2 weeks.

    Storage chests in the old system will not be deleted although they will be moved off to a cold dark corner of the server for safe keeping. Beyond this cut off date, you will need a DM to access them. So please move things over while it remains convenient.

    Any questions, comments, concerns? Please get in touch!