Build 907A

  • (Dorakhan)

    • Map pins should now save correctly even if object IDs change (based on tag now, UUID was also creating issues). This will NOT fix corrupted pins.
    • Barbarian rage now extends (if active) by 6 seconds (1 round) per kill (with thanks to TPickles for help on the duration calculation functions). Use this knowledge wisely.
    • Examine feature (stealth mode showing up in-window) now returned. A hostile-only reveal-to-party broke this info when examining neutral players/NPCs.
    • More changes to zDlg so that we don't get conversation overlap. MOST conversations should now be private. Ones that are not may get weird for folks listening. Please report conversations that get weird.
    • Journal entry changes so that they should persist on logout/login (still not 100% sure on this fix; entries for server rules - this was actually broken by a NWN update).
    • XP Changes such that killing creatures after gaining enough XP to level will not reset you to start of level (only not gain the XP). By the same token, you will not get exploration XP for new areas until you take a level. You will need to re-enter the area to be awarded the XP if you transition before taking the level.


    • Added Merchants to Kront. Explore all the areas, see where you can get in and what they have to offer (remember Kront has a harbor). Still a work in progress, but we are getting there.
    • Kront now has a functional Inn in which you can rest, buy a meal, a drink, or do whatever.
    • Tweaked the spawning rate of some overkill critters.
    • Tweaked the amount/chance of critters that can spawn in Kront outskirts.
    • Fixed the building/fence trap in Kront Valley when transitioning from Kront - Harbour.
    • Reduced the amount of beggars that can spawn in some towns.
    • Otyugh - Lifeech should have the correct portrait now.
    • Set Dwarven Hold door to no longer become locked after closing it (hopefully now is true).
    • Fixed (hopefully) some areas not getting any spawns in certain situations. Please report to the dev team if this no-spawns-in-a-area still persists.

    For devs:

    • Added generic merchant functionality.
    • Added generic fast travel setup functionality
    • Updated spawn_inc_list with new lines.
    • Activating a module switch so NPCs can cross areas (hopefully) by following night and day walkpoints.


    • The dwarven bank opens its first location in Peltarch
    • Player shop stalls can now be named (up to 20 characters)
    • Player shops show owners name if you hover your mouse over the stall
    • 5th circle ranger and paladin bonus slots no longer appear on random loot
    • Horses resize correctly for subraces


    • New aquatic monsters added and old aquatic monsters updated.
    • Some NPC updates.
    • Giantspire Mountains - Climb to High Hold: Trees moved so they were no longer hovering off the ground.
    • Rawlinswood - Southern Pass - Clymph Tower: Minor ground change to try to stop issue with pathfinding on hill near Clymph Tower
    • Nars Pass - Gnoll Woods: Spawn changes.
    • Giantspire Mountains - Hotsprings: Road opened to Damara.
    • 30+ new maps added. The route to Damara through the mountains is now open.

  • Dev



    Sitting, flying, pecking, these birds have migrated into Narfell. Don't get pooped on!

    0_1616549316981_Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 6.27.41 PM.png

    Magic Drop Changes

    Thanks to all the feedback, we've been able to iterate further on the item generation algorithm. Mainly, it is getting smarter.

    The chance of finding weapons has been balanced with that of finding other items. Expect to find item types that more appropriately match the creature carrying it. Goblins holding double axes they can't even wield? These sorts of things will happen far less frequently. If you're looking for a certain type of equipment you'll have better look hunting creatures that normally would use, make, enchant or use ones they pried from the hands of cold dead adventurers.

    Item properties will start making more sense. No longer should you find melee weapons with feats like "Mounted Archery" or Maces with "Extra Damage Type: Bludgeoning".

    More Fishing

    Grab your fishing rod and get out there! More fishing spots added all over the place. There's a whole cooking system in the works. Stay tuned for more on this.

    Crafting Updates

    You may notice some of the crafting stations and skill journal have changed a bit. We're changing quite a bit under the hood to make way for more improvement on crafting down the road. Stay tuned!

    Duergar boss fight improvements

    Duergar leaders are getting stronger. They now have unique abilities that they'll use against you. Go bag yourself one in the Deep Mines under Oscura!

    Other Updates

    Much of these are new, brewed by the DM staff that has now been regularly meeting to improve and expand the Narfell region. A literal ton of wishlist items dating back to the Narfell Improvement Initiative have also been taken on (Thank you DrDreadlock for toolsetting much of these!)

    Many spawns have been tweaked, areas balanced for certain level ranges, and other aesthetic improvements to maps.

    To list a few:

    • Discovery XP fixes (go get out there!)
    • Peltarch commerce has been redecorated
    • Assassins now have reduced arcane spell failure (fyi @Necrofai )
    • Access to the rural tunnels through the Dwarven Hold no longer gets locked randomly
    • Steppenhall moneylender is no longer hostile
    • Troff Legion Hall no longer incorrectly has "Old" in the name
    • Fixing pathing issues on a few maps
    • Gypsy valley changes
    • Sawmill at the edge now has a light to show the speed (fyi @GATLORD )
    • Orcs to the west have better loot
    • Order of the endless stores updated
    • Fenberries count as food
    • More trashcans in Oscura
    • More rest areas in the Grapevine Inn
    • Improved performance dips from corpse disposal in maps with lots of spawns
    • Updates to Mintas