Amanda af Hartenfelt

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    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: White blonde. Very long.
    Age: Early 20's
    Height: 1,69m
    Build: Athletic
    Languages: Common. Chondathan.
    Race: Human

    Amanda always tries to be polite, to strangers as well as friends and even close relatives. She speaks with an obvious chondathan accent. Very much seeks to enjoy herself in various delights such as feasts and spa’s. Amanda seems open to most things. Respects the laws and views of the places she visits and people she meets, even if she disagrees with them.

    Thick and long, white blonde, hair collected into a cormyran* braid that reaches all the way to her tailbone. If her hair would be loose, it would probably reach the back of her thighs. Her eyes are clear blue. As a user of various scented oils, she is most often surrounded by a pleasant scent, most recently she seems to favor vanilla and lavender. As a devout student of a weapon, she has a very athletic body and good stamina. While she may not be able to lift as much weight as others, her vigor takes the form of speed and endurance. Even without her vigorous training, it is clear that Amanda cares for her appearance in every way possible.

    Common clothing:
    Amanda is most often seen in training clothes. Light beige lambskin boots. White, tight-fitting riding breeches. A white chest wrapping. A blue and beige leather vest. She is armed by at least one of her blades as well as her knife.

    Common armoring:
    She wears a dark grey plate armor consisting of plates, chainmail and leather. The armor is designed for riding, sacrificing the full covering of plates for mobility and lower weight. Over her armor she wears a white and purple scapula. On the chest it is embroidered with the crest of her house, a rose layed on a heart on a field of grey. Along with her swords belt, Amanda wears a utility belt with pockets for various equipment. Her cormyran adventuring license is fully visible, fastened on her left breast. Amanda wears a dark grey bascinet helmet in a common cormyran style. The crest of her house is etched on the left side cheek.

    Common equipment:
    Two rapier-like blades in black sheaths on the left side of her hip, worn in a style that is reminiscent of eastern warriors. Amanda have an array of vials and bottles in her utility belt as well as adventuring equipment in the saddlebag of her horse. In only a few situations is she seen without her knife.

    Weapons and combat:
    She is well known to wield a rapier-like blade, sometimes together with a tower shield. At times she wields two of these blades, often when mounted and almost always when she fights by the side of a more defensive partner. As many cormyran nobles, high or low, Amanda prefers to battle while mounted. She rides well but insists that she is no more than a novice student of both riding and mounted combat. Amandas fighting style ranges from defensive to very offensive. She often utilizes her speed and nimbleness for quick and precise thrusts and slashes. Deflecting incoming attacks or evading them she searches for openings to cut veins, tendons or spines.

    Common knowledge:
    Born into a lesser cormyran noble family somewhere outside Suzail. Came to Narfell in search of adventure. Studies fencing and is a frequent visitor to Stargazers training hall. Is surprised of the lack of sparring games in such an uncivilized land. Is an even more frequent visitor to spa’s. Delights in bodycare such as manicure, pedicure, hairstyling, massaging and more. Known to sleep well into the dinnerhour. Has a room at the Regal Maid. Enjoys fine dining. Complains about the chaotic nature of, well, -nature- and remarks that it would be much easier to travel through if not for the lack of way signs and spa’s.

    ((*cormyran braid=dutch braid or french braid))
    ((Mock theme song: (

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  • A letter

    Dear Marcus

    I do so hope that this letter reaches you.

    I want to tell you that, against all odds, I am alive and well. I have garnered an adventuring liscence and I have reached the title of master giant slayer. I have met a man and I think he is good. I respect him and he takes good care of me. I think that you would like him, Marcus.

    How is ma and da? If you could, please give them my best, We parted on wrong terms and I truly wish them the best indeed, yes.

    If you could, please bring my best regards to Robert the brave, Thomas the bold and Peter the fox.

    I do love you all, indeed, yes

    Your sister