Bandits in the Nars Pass

  • Notices posted in taverns in Norwick and Peltarch warn of bandits spotted hovering near the roadway in the Nars Pass. One group of four was about half way between Sam's Hole and Norwick's outer gate. The other group of three were near the tower and road north of Nars Bridge. All of them bore the livery of the Dragon Cult. The warning urged everyone not to travel alone.


  • A party gathered in Peltarch, speaking of a plan to strike out against the Cult of the Dragon and soon left for areas unknown on a fishing boat.
    Some hours later the group passed through Norwick, wheeling three carts completely filled with riches and treasures and speaking of victory, making their way to the Witch of the Nars' tower.
    Although, when seen later the group seemed just as wealthy as they were when they left, save for a new piece of equipment each.

  • The guard is willing to return, and thankful for the assistance. A few days later he's seen guarding the outer gates again - trying to remember to not wade in too deep.

  • The body of a Norwick Guard is brought into the Chauntean Temple late one evening. The redheaded Selunite who carries the body explains that he gave his life fighting some of the cultists in the Pass and that she would cover the cost of raising him from the dead if he chose to return. The cultists themselves are said to have died in the battle and would no longer bother anyone.

    (If the guard would accept a raise dead, Asha would pay the cost of the diamond. Let me know if a DM wishes the Guard alive.)

  • Ocassionally a grim story or two pops up in the taverns and markets:
    "..they were seemingly battling an invisible force. All I could see is unearthly flashes of energy rapidly setting amongst their ranks but no sign of what was doing it. In their disarray I snuck past."

    "..I was only able to pass because the cultists were all suddenly screaming and crying. A hooded woman (described as Raazi) chased one across the road. The hobbling man jumped into the water and drowned under the weight of his own armor. The woman was out of breath she laughed so hard.."

    Although increasing in numbers, the cultists near The Bridge are sometimes observed to be heavily afflicted. Babbling drooling fools, crying grown men, and once confident standing officers now sorrowfully shrieking and cursing. Some less fortunate cling to their lives with blood bubbling out the corners of their eyes, ears, noses and mouths.

  • Rumor has it that as adventurers come a go through the Nars, surviving and beating the cultists, some were found dead.

    "I mean, I know, this sounds mainstream, right?" Some survivors say, "but these dead cultist bodies were missing some limbs... some of them were even chewed. And by chewed I don't mean by wild animals, but more like by a humanoid's mouth..."