Painter sought for commissioned work at Mystic Lodge

  • Seth post notices that he seeks a painter able to depict a battle scene for instalment at Mystic Lodge. Please seek our Seth if you are of said skill (reply here).

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    "So far so good Viro, maybe a bit less ale this week eh?" smiles

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    Viro stumbles over some empty bottles after Kenton restores him from his hangover to show a rough sketch of the progress

    0_1616124264110_Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 6.46.07 PM.png

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    Deal. Good to be working with you Viro. Randle here will accomodate your needs when I am not here. Let me know when you need me for poses and whatnot. I am excited to see what you can do. No doubt will many of my wealthy customers winks

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    :: Strokes his chin again ::

    Well it's hard to put a time on greatness, almost as hard as it is to put a cost on it. But if I'd have to give you a number, let's say...

    // The time Viro proposes is equivalent to about 2 RL weeks

    I can work with you for 3,500, IF, I can have all the free ale I want while I'm working on it.


  • @tpickles smiles Call it 3,500 and there could be a second work for you. How long will it take?

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    :: Viro stunned from the moment Seth mentions the word omnimental to the second he finishes his inquiry ::

    Can I do that justice? Man, Seth, buddy, I have got you! Don't even worry about it.

    Omnimental you say? That is what I'm talking about :: starts orbiting his hands around each other like he's containing some sort of energy that's not really there :: Connection! Art is connection, man. Omnimentals? :: pauses briefly :: also connection. The elements all together and stuff. I have got you covered, I will bring it justice.

    Now, of course we've got to resolve a bit of the details. A true example of that piece demands respect, and everyone knows the best way to treat an artist with respect, is to paying them in gold. And the canvas of course. Things just cost money.

    I'd say a canvas that size, well we're looking at at least 500 gold. Paints :: strokes his chin :: I'd guestimate 300 my man. And the creation of a painting capturing such a timeless event is priceless...but if I had to put a price on it, we can say 3000. And I'll waive any of the installation fees because I feel like we have something kind of beautiful going on between us that I don't want to ruin. This all puts you :: points at Seth with both hands :: at paying me :: double thumbs back at himself :: 3,800. Really it's a small price to pay for a kind of crazy amazing this thing is going to be.

    What do you say?

  • @tpickles

    :: Seth warms to this somewhat chaotic and haphazard young man who clearly has talent to paint (if not compose a complete sentence)::

    Viro, I think you have "IT", at least for what I am looking for...

    Let me ask you, have you heard of an Omnimental?

    ::Seth proceeds to recount the two different encounters and tremendous battles, both lasting what felt like and age pushing Seth to his limits and belief and yet invigorated him with the challenge and overwhelming feeling of accomplishment in besting both foes.::

    I want to capture the grandeur and extreme challenge of the battle... One man against a Titan! ::coughs:: Feel free to make me look a little younger, a bit stronger and completely heroic ::winks::

    I want a large canvas against this wall here in the Lodge... tasteful, artist and impressive. Not TOO ostentatious or egoistical if that is fact possible given the subject matter, ::Seth laughs at himself given the nature of this request::

    What do you think? Can you give it justice?

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    :: the scraggly young man gathers his things and puts his shoes on to go inside ::

    Yea of course, I never pass up a free ale!

    :: The painter follows Seth into the lodge and immediately makes himself at home, teetering in his chair::

    So anyways, I saw your post and, what luck to be honest, I've been looking for some work but like, no one :: he holds his hands boxing his face in emphasis :: VALUES the arts anymore man. And that's like my thing: ART. My thing is my name is Viro and I paint. I mean I like other things too of course :: he looks around, composing himself a touch :: I'm Viro and I paint. Amongst my other... :: his brain stalls for a moment, but it's safe to assume the word things is on his tongue before he sought to find a more descriptive one:: activities. Amongst my other activities... like this flute. It's all art, it's all connected. And that's why I jumped on your post. It sounds like a great moment of connection to this world we're in. It's a statement really.

    :: he pulls a few small unframed canvases from a leather bound portfolio. Flipping through them, he shows Seth some magnificently colorful pieces. The brush strokes are thick yet the products have definition. The paintings are not just dull still lifes either. They depict action, bold persons standing victorious over a plethora of slain beasts ::

    So man, what so you think? Do I got it or what?

  • ::smiles at the young painter and grins at his rather naïve and informal, almost disrespectful greeting to the old war-horse of Peltarch::

    Yes, I am he.

    I gather you are answering my notice in the Mermaid about a painter. You are a painter lad?

    What's your name?

    Actually, lets head into my Lodge and have an ale and discuss what works you have done previously and what I am looking for, no?

    :: Seth invites him in with a sardonic grin::

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    :: the next time Kenton returns to the lodge, a rather unkempt young human sits on the ground outfront. He's playing a flute, surprisingly well given his appearance screaming of someone lacking the discipline to keep a decent practice, and wiggles his upper body to the comforting soft sounds. An easel and blank canvas sit beside him on the grass. His eyes open and he spots Kenton, winks, and plays a few closing notes before getting up and saying, ::

    Yo, you Kenton Seth?