Stock requests for Mystic Lodge

  • Seth asks around what sort of items adventurers would like to see at the Lodge.

    Some example options:

    • Low level magic items for new adventurers
    • More variety of potions
    • Crafted goods / raw materials
    • Same stock but cheaper prices (you have things I want but not at that price)
    • Healing, healing, healing

    Any other feedback on our stock would be great. Thank you adventurers of Narfell.

    • Kenton Seth, Mystic Lodge

    (Reply here for any suggestions)

  • "For crafted goods, I tend to prefer to visit the specialized crafters shops", notes one blue-clad visitor. "It's fun to browse a varied inventory when you've the time and gold to spare, but when you know you want a particular type of thing, I like there to be specialized stores where that item's guaranteed to be in. In my view, crafted goods at the Mystic Lodge would just take up space and deter from the 'mystic' part of the store's profile."

    Another visitor, her voice dull and monotone behind a horned helm, has the following input to offer: "Good place for affordable magic things. Recommendation: continued variety, both in type of item and range of price and magic potency."