Build 907

  • (Dorakhan)

    • A drunken adventurer is in the Norwick Grapevine Inn raving about some Demonic Portal. (Quest levels 12+ ...more like this time come for lower levels. Hopefully the first of many.)
    • Persistent quest journal updates over server resets.
    • Quest system expanded to involve time requirements for quest state changes and minimum level.
    • Boss mechanics and dungeon door libraries for devs
    • DMs should now be able to use the loot tool on specific loot chests (LOOT_RESPAWN_MINUTES variable must be set)
    • Fixed horse AC bug on dismount.
    • Fixed issue (maybe?) with player corpse respawn after server reset. Location will be the Nars Crossroads.
    • Pretty print numbers in Hunting Log


    • Fixed Fort Fish exterior benches to no longer be a trap for PCs that enjoy the fire.
    • Fixed some Platinum ore not spawning propperly in some Underdark and Middledark areas. Rumor has it some adventurers have even found mithral ore veins deep in the Middledark, yet it's hard to know if they lived to mine them all.
    • Around 15 Underdark maps have had their random spawn tweaked. This means that we've given more diversity for UD wildernes encounters (20 different encounters vs. the former 13). Be aware of the new things you can find down there.
    • Added more Oozes with a brand new, super cool, yet scary AI, to the spawning tables and for DMs usage (please be gentle).
    • Black puddings should no longer iterate RLG items; they should also grant hunting exp (every tiny split bit).
    • New fancy VFX appearance for black and white puddings.
    • Rumor has it some goblins are experiencing an old but ancient curse. DMs: check out the new [Redacted] goblin.
    • Added one new racial token for DM usage (check what's new in the racial templates for a happy surprise >_>).
    • Updated hag's global AI to include a new covey of these beauties.
    • A few more Northern creatures added.


    • Bugbear spawn updates
    • Map updates
    • and Map updates
    • and Map updates
    • Resource updates


    Norwick market opens for business

    • Following in suit of Peltarch's lead (hip things always take a bit longer to reach outside the big city), Norwick local starts Norwick Local Market. Grab a shop to sell your wares, browse for what you need. It's all local...maybe.

    Hoods for everyone

    • What once was a privelege of only a few fantasy races is now a right for all. Half-orcs, gnomes and dwarves, it's time to get your hoods on with the !hood chat command...and off again with the same command.

    (DM note from Dorakhan - if you already own a shop, don't snag one or we'll find you.)

  • Word begins to spread that the Tomb Raiders have robbed all nearby ruins in the mountain pass up to High Hold and have departed the area, for the most part. However, all sorts of monsters have begun to prowl the passage way up into the mountains with their departure. New dangers await.

    [Tomb Raiders have been replaced with random mountain spawns on the Mountain Pass map. I added this in because some of the creatures might get hung up on the tiles and placeables, please report the locations on the map if they do.]