Royal Decrees

  • The Regent Damian Fisher stands outside City Hall with Prince Thalaman, along with Prince Kasimir, Isaac Thaddeus, and those members of the Royal Council who wish to join him. The town criers have just rung their bells and shouted for attention for the first royal decree issued by the Regent Fisher since his assumption of the role following King George's death.

    The Regent Fisher is not one for charisma. His beady eyes and suspicious demeanor lend him no favours in the eyes of most observers. But one of the royal Bards lends him an Amplify spell, and so his voice rings clearly across the Commerce District, to a gathered crowd of peasants, merchants, guild members and adventurers:

    "People of Peltarch,

    Hear this, my first royal decree.

    First: All those who need it, and ask for it, and are citizens and subjects of this great Kingdom, shall receive the merciful dole of charity my brother began. Petition me, and within reason, the royal coffers will be open to you to ease your burdens.

    Second: Powerful guilds have dictated the fate of common men for too long. Whereas, under my brother, the dole of charity funded the destitute and downtrodden who resulted from the greed of the economically mighty, certain guilds flourished. Now it is time for this flourish to return whence they came. Every guild will now pay a new tax, and a public tax. No further will there be a secret tax, with rates that differ amongst each. The new tax rate will be the same for every guild, such that the most profitable guilds will pay the most. These new funds in the royal coffers will go to the dole of charity, and will be used to alleviate burdens, promote education and skilled trades, and enlighten the common man and woman in the ways of finances and the management of monies.

    Third: The Crown is putting the League of Guilds on notice with regard to the status of each of its member guilds' charters. Each and every one of these charters will be amended to include a term requiring each guild who uses, by contract or by employ, a labourer or worker, to pay that labourer or worker a wage suitable enough to afford two meals per day and lodgings as well as have sufficient left over to save for other purchases. The copper, silver, or even gold rate will be negotiated forthwith, following a Crown delegate's appointment to the League of Guilds."

    There is a long pause.

    Eventually, the Regent adds, his tone changing.

    "In my neglect and callous disregard, I have failed you. I shunned you, who have come for the dole of charity my dear brother gave to you without hesitation. I scorned those of you who asked for more coppers from the hour, and told you to simply work more hours. I ignored those of you who pleaded for mercy when the Gods, the weather, or the cruel hand of fate saw to crush your businesses asunder.

    In mourning my brother's death for so long, I have forgotten my duty to this city and to you. I confess, here and now, I will never be the ruler my brother was. But I can begin to try."

    With that, he turns, and returns to the interiors of City Hall.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Royal criers ring their bells and proclaim:

    "Hear ye hear ye,

    King Thalaman, son of George, doth hereby proclaim:

    The City of High Hold is no longer struck from the trades routes register,

    Those officials and denizens of High Hold and Blackridge are no longer banned from entry into Peltarch,

    Channels of communication, including courier, are to be re-opened between the two cities,

    Citizens of the Jewel rendering aide to High Hold shall face no charges,

    And this, by the King Thalaman's decree.

    Hear ye, hear ye!"

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • The town crier rings the bells and announces verbally to those who gather:

    "Hear ye hear ye,

    The Regent Damian Fisher, on behalf of the Crown, recognizes the legitimacy of the hitherto bastard child, borne of the Regent and a woman of common blood, hitherto only known as the Princess Jorino's squire, now to be known by his full and proper name, Adrian Fisher.

    The Prince Adrian is granted royal status and all royal rights associated with his blood, as rightful son to the Regent Damian, sister to the Princess Reyhenna, uncle to the Princes Thalaman and Kasimir, and nephew to the dearly departed King George.

    Hear ye, hear ye."

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]