Leofric Grubb

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    Leofric Grubb

    Status: Alive

    Race: Halfling
    Age: 28
    Height: 3 Feet
    Weight: 35 lbs
    Hair Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: Fair

    Known Aliases: Leo, The Blue Star, Gnome

    Equipment Worn: Leo is usually seen wearing a broad, floppy, blue wizard's hat and a pair of safety goggles. Typically, the hat complements his blue wizard's robes, which bear an embroidered patch of the Peltarchian coat of arms on each shoulder. The badge of the Knights of the Cerulean Stars is pinned to his chest, and three silver stars are pinned above that. A belt with several component pouches hanging from it is cinched at his waist, the buckle of which is a circular silver piece that bears his personal mage's mark: a cauldron in cross-section, with a crossed wand and magnifying glass within.

    Equipment Carried: Leofric generally avoids direct combat, instead preferring to aid his allies through the use of his spells. He does, however, carry a light crossbow that is small enough to be concealed in his satchel when not in use. Hanging from a leather strap that loops across his chest and around his back is a thick black and blue spellbook which bears his mage's mark embossed in gold upon the cover. Lastly, a blackthorn mage's wand is tucked into his belt, the handle of which is intricately carved with diamond-shaped geometric patterns which both look attractive and allow for a more secure grip on it while casting spells.

    Known Associates: Leofric is one of the more visible members of Peltarch's Knights of the Cerulean Stars. While many in that order are known to focus on combining magic with hand to hand combat techniques, Leofric stands out by being solely dedicated to arcane pursuits. While this leaves him at a disadvantage in a physical confrontation, his mastery of higher-circle spells has made him quite an asset for the Ceruleans. Despite working for Peltarch as a Cerulean Knight, Leofric is also a frequent visitor to High Hold, where he is known to frequently assist their court mage with her various duties.

    Reputation: Though hardly one of Narfell's most standout adventurers, Leofric has a growing reputation for assertiveness, professionalism, and competence. While only a third star knight in the Ceruleans - a rank typically seen as essentially the "rank and file" - he's become known for being willing to seize control and lead operations when the situation calls for it. In addition to these, he's also become increasingly known for use of more obscure spells not typically used by a lot of Narfell's mages, and has shown a particular affinity for the spell "Rope Trick".

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