Build 906K

  • (Rust)

    • New Hydra's Mechanics:

    Hydras show now Head and Body's HP levels. The condition to kill the Hydra is to either severe all the heads or when you manage to slain its body like any other creature. Be wary of its fast healing, though.
    You can only target one head at a time as the Hydra can only target one PC at a time.
    When a head is severed, two new heads spring from the stump after some time. Number of max heads grown is limited depending on the kind of hydra you are facing.
    Hurting the body gets harder as the hydra has grown more heads, but you can still inflict damage consistently if you severe a head with a strong enough blow and use a proper weapon to strike through.

    • Poison now 1 turn in duration.


    • Massive update to armors. TLK update will accurately show new stats but the basic idea is that, aside from clothing, max AC is always 9. Padded is 1 AC/8 DEX, leather is 2/7, studded 3/6... half plate is 7/2. This should automatically update the function of all existing armor.
    • With kudos to Psieonic for doing the original work, I have merged in all of the spell changes into the custom TLK file. This means you should see EVERY Narfell spell customization accurately relfected in the description. I did a lot of error-checking but am not perfect. Please post bugs in the bug forums.
    • Player cleric "True Resurrection" is now in-game. It requires a small diamond AND gold to cast, but the gold component is 5k cheaper than NPCs. It requires both components before casting and should bail before burning either component if you don't have both.

  • Dev

    Build 906K1

    Random loot has had some fixes applied. Shields should no longer appear as bags. Ammo and throwables now come in complete stacks instead of tiny amounts. They were also cluttering stores and causing lag spikes up to 3 seconds in some cases (VERY BAD!). This has been fixed.

    New monsters now roam Narfell. Be on the look out for dread Lifeleech Otyugh's and their strange abilities to seep restorative magic from healers.

    Various fixes have been applied to the High Hold area. Transitions have been fixed across the lands! Spawns have been tweaked for balance in the area.

    This update also included many behind the scenes updates that will find their way into more player-facing parts of the module soon.

    Text input will soon be accessible in dialogs across the land. This includes banking, shops and more. If you have suggestions for dialogs that could benefit from receiving text input, please leave a note in community suggestions.

    Duergar forces have had loot entirely redone and their overlords been made stronger.