Vasold Ulrich

  • Vasold Ulrich


    Sir Vasold Ulrich is a youthful looking man in his early 20s, his mousey brown hair short and sometimes unkempt belies his appearance which is incredibly well kept in other regards. He perahaps appears at first glance to hold a degree of innocence as he has few signs of serious injury and scars upon him. He doesn't show the hardiness or love for the hard climates and outdoor life of other locals, perhaps pointing to a closeted past.


    Vasold has a keen perception for a warrior it seems, and appears to be of very sharp mind. He shows little interest in local geography, literature or elaborate discourse, only matters of faith for his own beliefs and even other temples seem to interest him. His manner does come across as exactingly or even archaically polite - perhaps even showing a degree of training with this rather than any instinctive manner. For those who are expert in lineage, local families or heraldry of Impiltur, both his birth and family name are ancient names from that region.


    His golden heavy plated and fine harness, with an elaborate helm along with blue, silver and white tabard livery and the white and gold symbol of Torm present always on a sigil or chain hold little room for guesswork as to his loyalties. For those knowledgable on divine matters, he will be identified as a Knight of the Order of the Golden Lion. He is armed with a longsword and occasionally other weapons of utility, greatswords, or halberds depending on the engagement at hand.

    Class: Paladin
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown, short
    Age: ~23
    Height: 6 foot 1"
    Build: Medium
    Languages Spoken: Common, though seems to default to Damaran at most times.
    Race: Human

    Status: Active.