Build 906I

  • Dev

    Updated Deep Mines in the Underdark

    New spawns, more corners to explore, more advanced scripting thrown into all kinds of things in the map and a boss. Give it a whirl if you dare!

    We're trialing out a few new systems in this area. The one we want to highlight is AUTOMATED LOOT CHESTS. If this plays out well, the chests in Narfell will soon be replaced and long gone will be the days of plowing through the most dangerous foes you could possibly attempt to slay only to find an empty chest at the end of the road.

    Updated the server to NWN:EE Build 8193.20.1

    Beamdog has been hard at work and we're reaping the benefits. Although you may have been seeing much of the graphical improvements already, there are some changes that'll happen from the server updating. You can expect in this build to see better movement and navigation from NPCs and enemies. They will no longer get pushed in seemingly random directions either.

    The new update comes with a few other tweaks. New content has been added in the toolset. If you've been considering contributing some maps, please get in touch!

    You can find more details about NWN:EE 8193.20 in this post.

    Other Fixes

    • Clicking on a hitching post while mounted now unmounts you instead of telling you to unmount yourself and wasting 5 seconds of your life trying to remember where the mount actions are in the radial menu
    • Bag of Holding employees no longer susceptible to dying hideously


    As will all build updates, especially those with many behind the scenes changes like this one, there is the liklihood of bugs. Please report bugs to the bug reporting forum or flag a DM if you stumble into any.

  • Dev


    Area Updates

    The Fetid Cult (praise Juiblex!) has fortified their positions in lieu of their new accumulated wealth. Adventurers can expect loot to be more readily available as chests have been updated to automatically populate without DM supervision. The area has also been tweaked to prevent exploiting NWN's crappy AI pathing and killing bosses easily from across the river.

    Duergar were dropping gear which was unfortunately marked as stolen and unsellable. Adventurers can now expect to sell the crossbows and hammers they find on GREYSKIN SCUM!

    Storage and Crafting

    Bag of Holding storage facilities previously carried a maximum of 80 items. This has been increased to 120 and us dev-folk will be monitoring if we can bring this number even higher.

    Storage needs for Trade & Craft Halls have now been automated. No need to wait for a Dev or DM, find a local Bag of Holding rep in craft halls throughout the land including Norwick, Peltarch and Oscura

    We've also made various tweaks for all you Woodcutters and Bowyers out there. Saw horses can now be mass loaded with logs as was recently released for forges with ore. Logs are now 2x2/medium sized objects instead of large 3x2.

    Faster Load Times

    Lastly, expect to see quicker load times when entering new areas and hopefully less lag spikes as others are doing so. We've put a ton of effort into improving the performance of creature spawning, loot generation and ultimately, cut down how long it takes that loading bar to fill up. Enjoy!