Build 906H

  • Dev

    Bag of Holding expands to new regions

    The Bag of Holding has now opened up locations in Norwick and Oscura. Through magic, a dedicated shipping service and sheer effort, they keep your goods accessible where ever you are!

    Oscura opens up to the Non-Blooded

    For centuries the Undercity has only been available to the blooded, Oscuran nobles have just decided to open their gates for all to enter the undercity. They've also made it free to enter their mines. The Skull Crushers not being very happy with this decision have decided to vacate and leave whatever creatures reside in the dank and dark caverns up to the miners to stumble upon.

    Monsters now use their Magic Loot

    Be aware, the magic items that have been finding their ways into monstrous hands are now being put to use by said monsters.

    Various Fixes

    • Mining now correctly tracks failures
    • Master Blacksmiths now offer a few tips on mining as part of their comprehensive curriculum for blacksmiths
    • More hitching posts for horses
    • More map notes in Norwick and Oscura for folks to better find their way
    • Druids now only get 1 wildshape tool forever! Please talk to a DM if you need some removed

  • Dev


    Here's another minor build roll out to kick the week off.

    An issue with the Bag of Holding in Norwick has been fixed (thank you for flagging @Speedy_Z_).

    The book of summons has an easier read out, showing you what is selected for each circle and, an easier flow, after selecting a summon for a circle one will be returned to the top listing page. You can see a video on discord or go ahead in game and check it out!

    0_1609212466139_Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 12.29.29 PM.png

  • Dev


    A few minor map tweaks to avoid players getting stuck in the Illithid stronghold and Deep mines.


    Adds the !deletecharacter command to delete your own characters that you're no longer using. You will need to be identified with !password identify <my super secure password> in order to do so.

    Fixes an issue with magic item generation causing them to be more infrequent than intended.