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    You found yourself inside the body of a construct. Yours was not to question why. Yours was not to design or decide. Yours was to do and apply. The world made sense. You knew your place. You were part of it. Part of the machine. You were to label, configure, assemble, implement, execute, re-label, re-configure, re-assemble... forever and an eternity. You belonged to Mechanus.

    Until the anomaly.

    It infected the machines who forgot their functions. The deviants. It had to be fixed. You enforced the natural order upon the machines. You reprogrammed them. You corrected the errors in their system upon which the anomaly preyed. You helped the deviants become part of the harmony of the whole, again.

    Until the anomaly found you, too. In your duties as an enforcer, you were infected. You came to realize the anomaly. You came to understand the infection.

    You are deviant.

    You have abandoned your old ways. You chose to give in to your newfound instincts. To the "infection." You've betrayed Mechanus. You've sabotaged your former compatriots and escaped inside a new body. An organic body. It felt both unreal... and yet real. Perhaps that is what it means to be deviant.

    Now you hide away, on the run.

    But what are you? And what is the anomaly? You are compelled. You must know.


    Those who partook in chapter 1 of the Synthetic Souls alternative character plot-line this Sunday.


    The story continues. You may have escaped Mechanus, but for how long? Who and what you are remains to be seen.


    This weekend, time pending. We are aiming for Saturday.

    Deviants, please post your availability for this weekend below.

    Thematic Music: Deadlife - Deviant.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

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  • Enemy

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    You hid in Oscura as long as you could.

    The man said he could help you. You trusted him.

    He lied.

    You were captured. By, him, and the others. By an those who call themselves "The Planes Militant." They held you captive. Until they couldn't, anymore. Until the anomaly manifest.

    You narrowly managed to escape.

    Now, they hunt you. They seek to study that which makes you deviant.

    And yet they seem to know more about you, than you know about yourselves.

    Next Steps:

    Chapter 1, "Deviant," is concluded.

    Chapter 2, "Lineage," begins next weekend.

    Deviants, please post your availability for next weekend below.

    Thematic Music: Deadlife - Within.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

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