Build 906C

  • Dev

    Crafting Improvements

    • No longer stop randomly after swinging a few times at those pesky ore veins and trees
    • If you break a tool and have another in your inventory, you re-equip it immediately
    • After a tool has gone under use and becomes damaged, its durability is displayed through the examine window as charges on the item
    • By going into your tradeskill journal under "[More]" you can toggle automatically collecting resources to your inventory instead of them falling to the ground. The default is off.

    Magic Item Naming

    The days of completing a long and dangerous trek through dungeons to retrieve finally at the end a very boring "Magic Ring" are now long behind us. Say hello to new names and colors as fancy as the items beneath them!

    0_1606645357125_Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 1.35.16 AM.png