Build 906B

  • (Dorakhan)

    • Strongheart halflings now receive weapon finesse for free rather than ANY feat (which was broken previously, giving no bonus).
    • Dispel/Breach AI cooldown fixed (2d4 rounds).
    • Gorgons should now use their Petrification Breath.
    • Cosmetic update to new player lobby
    • Moved starting quest (Frustrated Dockworker fetch quest) to Commerce District
    • Tagged quest givers with... tags
    • Updated quest system to link to journal entries, if they exist, for a quest
    • DMs now see CR on observing a creature.
    • Area visual effects placeables for DMs (this is primarily for area building).
    • Updated some spawn names to reflect "Creature - Type" naming conventions.
    • Blackbridge mines quest update. This is currently a max level 6 quest, but is repeatable multiple times inside the same game session.
    • Riding AC bonus has been changed to only invested skill ranks. The DM team is currently debating changes to riding skill uses.


    • CR Tweaks from for some critters (Gonnar and Rust)
    • New CR to increase/decrease tokens (relevant for DMs)
    • Horses are now allowed in most areas around the world (except inside houses, of course) - see Dorakhan note regarding riding AC.
    • Two Cold Road maps are now set as Natural
    • Commoners in some areas now don't have their weapons drawn trying to intimidate/kill you
    • Added 123 new head models -- To get acces to most of them you need to talk to the Appearance Changer in the New Lobby when creating a new PC, or ask a DM to use the Appearance Change Tool or to spawn an Appearance Changer near you if they aren't busy. NPC has limited functionality. This may be expanded in a near future. -- Heads added: Humans/Half-elves: 29 (male), 29 (female); Dwarves: 19 (male), 1 (female); Elves: 4 (male), 6 (female); Gnomes: 11 (male), 2 (female); Halflings: 6 (male), 7 (female); Half-orcs: 4 (male), 5 (female).
    • DM Appearance Change Tool updated.


    • Generic NPC mobs