Build 906A

  • (Dorakhan)

    • Better healing kit feedback for failures (this should alleviate issues with confusion when attempting to stabilize a downed character).
    • Hunting log verbose mode defaults to "ON" with creation.
    • DMs now get "max tier" on examine for ANY creature.
    • Corrected issue with creatures running item identify code onAcquire. This may mean potions show up unidentified more frequently again.
    • Changed "useful item" wand to mark items as stolen on creation.
    • Fix for commoner class horse menu feats. If you already built a commoner, talk to a DM about getting your current feats fixed. If it was already fixed the menu should be available.
    • Gonnar NPC add
    • Spellweaver keep/shop update
    • Shatterstar plot memorial added in Temple of the Triad


    • Lot of areas set to Natural that were supposed to have that terrian type
    • Reduced tilesets hak (by ~350MB), please contact a dev if you crash by entering an area.