D'Cameron's Speech

  • A crowd gathered in Norwick, the largest in a while, consisting of members of the Militia, the locals and adventurers both from Norwick and Peltarch. It was a sudden announcement, that D'Cameron would be speaking and wanted an audience. The Militia put on a show, riding their shiny new horses through the roads in groups. When D'Cameron finally arrived, she did so with the two leaders of the local churches, the former Chief, a creepy fish man and the Shadowhawk's officer.

    Her passionate speech seemed to resonate with most of her people, even if not all the adventurers seemed on board, including some that were seen previously having a meeting with her and that same creepy fish man, who dubs himself a king. By the end D'Cameron made her intentions clear, with the gist being the following.

    • The Militia would begin aggressively carving out safe roads for their trade route, culling goblinoids with increased activity and tenacity, and setting up mutual outposts and fortifications as needed with their trading partners. Something that seems to have had initial success due to goblinoid infighting and faction bickering.

    • The Outcasts would be brought into the fold as Norwick allies, with a mutual protection pact, in return for Norwick having exclusive access to their new mine. Their tower would act as an outpost to the North, with scouts stationed along side their patchwork crew. The Outcasts in turn asked to join the new trade route, though what exactly they have to offer is... confusing.

    • D'Cameron drops her "acting" title, to become the official Chancellor of Norwick, so long after Hannibal's death. In return a new Herald will be appointed, and anyone within their ranks who does not quickly resurface and show their value will be ousted from their positions and replaced.

    Between D'Cameron's speech and Salin's words, the citizens of Norwick are having an increased sense of unity. A high boost of moral has made them cheerful and confident, but that same confidence is noted by some to be rather easy to direct into darker paths. After all, as some remember, it didn't take much for Salin's speech about standing together to be perverted into Anti-Peltarch rhetoric. An increased sense of town pride... does have its drawbacks.

  • The priest, crafter, and farmer known simply as "Z" politely raises his hand

    Um...what about our Dwarven neighbors and allies? Have they been consulted on these decisions?

    The Fort Fish is located on their territory and there seems to be conflict over this matter. To ignore and/or anger our Dwarven allies would be a mistake. It is not to our advantage to provoke them and/or push them away.

    I would respectfully suggest moving Fort Fish south to the tower that is already there...as a show of peace and respect to our Dwarven allies and their territory.

    I would offer what I can to help make the move as painless as possible - including making improvements to the tower.