The Transcendent Threat

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    As violent and spectacular as the first, a second vortex of destruction and light raged in Narfell. The first was the orcish threat, to the North: led by an otherworldly orc, too tall to be natural. This orc was, allegedly, defeated, a shard fell from the orc's flesh. The shard contained a reflection of the night sky, with a distant, green star.

    Now a second otherworldly figure, this time a gnoll, impossibly tall, too, and yes, inexplicably bright. Like an avatar from the heavens, it shone through the woods: burning away, it is said, all physical matter in an orange light. That burned matter transformed into fiery silhouettes that formed a united tribe.

    The tribe and avatar were, too, defeated, and again, a shard fell from the gnoll's flesh. Inside, the night sky: a black void, and a distant, orange nebula.

    From whence do they come, and what more transcendent threats await?

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]