New Novel update.

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    howdy everyone. its October and I have completed the intermission of my 3rd novel. The working title is 'A field of Lilies." It marks the half-way point of the rough draft.

    This novel is very different from my other two books. It is not connected to the Children of Hell series. I will complete the last book of that trilogy after putting this one out. Unlike Children of hell I was careful to make this short novel have a general background instead of placing it on Toril. Which means I have something I can sell perhaps if I choose too for 2 or 5 bucks a copy.

    Another feature is that about a 1/3 to 1/2 the book is written in cursive. I have a very good reason to write it in that form. I know many cannot read cursive so I will be making a second non-cursive book. If you can read cursive I believe you will enjoy the cursive version much more than the non-cursive.

    I am looking to complete the book by Christmas. We'll see. I'm a working stiff so time is always against me meeting deadlines. I am having a bunch of fun with this novel. The second children book was a bit strained because I pushed myself to completing it which in turn probably delayed its release. This one I'm more relaxed on.

    I had Angel (my wife) review the intermission and she made some suggestions. I incorporated her advise into it and it is much, much better. I was coming close to the scene being x-rated and most that have read my writings know I'm not too hot on graphic stuff. Now it's come down to more of a pg-13 rating which is I feel is much better.

    I then asked another to read the intermission because I still felt it was not good enough for the book. They loved it so I kept is as is for now.

    So this is my update. I think everyone will be surprised on how different this book is from the two Children of Hell novels. I'll have more updates in the coming weeks 🙂

    For those who have not read the first two novels, They are free fan fiction books that can be downloaded from my site. Here are the links:

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    After I come back from Tokyo; I will look for a good web designer to revamp my site : and put in a store for the novel. I will be away most of July to support my athletes all along the western hemisphere.

    I will also be looking for scripters and custom content personnel to be contributors to the tutorial section of the Harvest Moon Consortium if anyone would like to advance the overall knowledge of our larger community and its interest.

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    So, After inquiring to the copywrite office about my work. They sent an e-mail back to me saying they sent a letter to me of certificate and registration in January. I never got the letter.
    Either it got lost in the mail or Angel threw it away assuming it was junk mail. It most likely got lost in the mail being Dallas mail isn't very good.
    The good news is I have my very first copywrite of a novel. I'll e-mail them back to verify I did not get the certificate and hopefully this one will not be lost.
    Now all that has to be done is find a web designer to modernize the Harvest Moon Consortium web site. Put in a secure store and sell the book in its two forms, cursive and letter. I'll do all that after my trip.

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    I have an update on this. It looks like after checking with the copywrite office that the work is now copywritten, However I never received mail on it. I put in a request for information and they should get back to me within 5 days. If the work is registered and everything is good I will wait until I come back from my July trip, redo my website for sales and sell both versions of the book from there.