A formal Notice to all people working on the Tiller Barony regarding Leandro

  • As by authority given by the autonomy of the owners of this land, let it be known that Leandro is to be banned from Tiller Barony. Leandro may take the long road, but any holes dug up, destruction, or any gifts he may offer people must be refused, this includes monetary gifts or any strange trinkets. A necklace of fireballs was given to someone in the city and the person died because of it.

    -This mandate will be enforced by the Tiller family and those they authorize to do so until further notice

  • :: After endless forays on many serious errands on a matter of grave importance, Ravos eventually gets back to city hall to review the latest guard reports for the guard general::

    ::Seeing the private intent of the Tiller Barony to ban the entry of this "Leandro" from the estate, and hearing of the commoner exploded by way of a "gift" from this man. He goes to pin a note to the Tiller Barony for the attention of the family, or for anyone else to read passing by which he's known to be well aqauinted with ::

    It simply reads.

    "1.05: Negligent Murder - To act without regard for a person's safety and, in
    doing so, directly cause their death is a violation of the law.
    -Recommended Sentence: 10 years to Life

    1.10: Negligent Harm to Another - Acting without regard for a person's
    safety and, in doing so, directly causes them harm is a violation of the
    -Recommended Sentence: 90 days to 5 years

    " I'm certain the commerce district Guard Captain, Captain Halbrook will be ready to receive any written witness statement of those who witnessed the "explosion that resulted in the citizens death". :: He remarks to farm workers and those close to the family ::

    ::Ravos leaves word with guards at the gate that:: "Leandro until which time charges are brought should be watched closely, and we'll see if he comes forward to explain the matters that have been associated with him."
    "But remember he's a distraction, though negligent deaths are not a trivial matter, it could be that the person is seriously afflicted or otherwise in need of divine or magical ministration"
    :: A description of his appearance is issued to the guard, and his mannerisms and behaviour.::