Letters Home

  • Teryn,

    I'm sorry I've been out of touch the past month. The road hasn't been especially kind. I should do better.

    I've wound up in Narfell again. For the time being, the Dancing Mermaid Inn is where I'll be staying. I look forward to receiving your letters there.

    My return to Narfell comes at an odd time. There are still some faces I remember around here: the priest, Raryldor, is still about, for one. No sign of the Shesae, though after how things went the last time, I can't say I'm especially sad to not see them. Things are happening here, though. There are spirits gathering outside the Temple of the Triad in this city, and I'm told similar things are happening across Faerun. No doubt the Blacktalons' foraging patrols have noticed the same things when they've gone into human towns. I've offered my services to the temple. Things are tense here, and the locals aren't making it any easier on the priests. If they need another arm to hold a sword, maybe they'll give me a job.

    I've started training people again. I met a human girl, one of their commoners. She has the kind of fire your mother did, back when we were young. It was good to see that in someone again.

    I'm sorry I can't be there, my son. I wish I could share all of your triumphs with you. Perhaps one day, once old wounds have healed.

    I love you.

    • O'su