Eve Tanner

  • Attitude:

    Eve is a polite, earnest and to the point sort of person, typically preferring to focus on whatever task is at hand over building report with other people. Though generally reserved, quiet and mild-mannered, she's no push-over, having strong and principled opinion in areas that matter to her. Nor is she quite as shy as she may at times appear - though definitely less than comfortable in the spotlight, where she's prone to grow flustered. Around people she admires, that same shyness often kicks in. Otherwise she may be hard to read for rarely expressing much emotion. Her frequent travelling companions in Blackbridge tend to see a more open and friendly side of Eve, yet the perceptive might then also note the persistant sadness behind her attempts at positivity. Her smile seems never to quite reach her eyes, except when playing with her scruffy wolf companion in the great outdoors or enjoying the company of the very large, very boisterous knight known as Laswell.


    Eve is a tall and leanly muscular woman with looks that fall short of being in any way striking; neither ugly nor beautiful but rather an unremarkable inbetween. Her skin is fair with the healthy glow of the outdoors while her hair, midway between blonde and brown, is soft and straight, cut just short enough to keep it from obscuring her vision. Eve's eyes are the most memorable feature on an otherwise forgettable face; vivid brown with flecks of gold, sad and ever watchful, at times burning with an intensity seldom matched by the rest of her face.

    Clothing and Equipment:

    Eve's silver and blue leather armour is arguably her defining piece of equipment and something she's very rarely seen out of. It is well made and cared for, though also well worn, with several small repairs lovingly stitched to the leather. Anyone familiar with the Silver Host - Tormish crusaders under the leadership of Robert Holmsmead - would soon recognize its origins. The symbol of Torm worn on a string of prayer beads around her neck tells a similar tale, as does the silver ring on her finger, wrought in the shape of a tower shield - the emblem of the Silver Host. Curiously for something Triad-related, the prayer beads coat her armour with a shielding sheet of frost and ice whenever Eve is attacked.

    Eve's longbow is one of a kind, exquisite in design and craftmanship. The unknown wood is tinted a dark blue and embued with several powerful enchantments with the Mystran arch-mage Mad's signature. A longsword with a golden pommel rests in a scabbard at her hip, radiating light along sharply enchanted edges. The rest of her equipment is practical and of good quality if not very striking - a silver shield, an archer's belt and a cloak of elvenkind, protective boots and a watchman's hood.

    Combat style:

    Eve is a dedicated and disciplined archer, tall and strong enough to make good use of her longbow's potential for powerful shots as well as swift enough to send a hail of arrows hurtling towards her target. While somewhat stealthy, in a party she tends to stick to the back, switching to shield and blade at need - usually when other more fragile companions near her come under attack. She's able enough to stand her ground for a while, buying time for the trained fighters to come to the rescue.